2013′s Fabulous Summer Hairstyles

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With winter finally behind us, we can put away our beanies, berets and woolly hats and really start letting our hair down. During winter lots of us chose to stay in our warm, cosy beautiful homes, instead of venturing into the cold and it’s no surprise especially if you live in a beautiful designed house, however the cold winter weather is no longer an excuse to stay indoors. Summer is designed for having fun, going out and enjoying the company of friends and family. Whether you prefer to dance the night away in your favorite club or relax in your garden with a few mates and a bottle of wine, it’s definitely a time to look your best, and as the sun doesn’t last long here in the UK, there’s no time for a bad hair day.

No matter what colour you are, how short your hair is or it’s texture, we’ve put together our top picks from the catwalks and our favorite celebrities to keep you look fabulous and stylish this summer.

Low Slung Ponytail

Ponytails rarely if ever go out of fashion, easy to maintain and thoroughly versatile it’s one look we can be sure will be fashionable throughout the summer months. A variation we can expect to see a lot of this time round is the super-low slung version of the classic look. Creating a sleek yet underplayed look, the low slung ponytail is set to be a popular style this summer.

Twisted Braids

Another all year and all purpose look, the single twisted braid is one we can expect to see lots of this summer considering how prominently it featured in this years SS fashion shows. To get the most out of this style, twist a few strands together and use a hair grip to hold them in place. To create a beautiful and stylish look, add a gold headband to finish the look.

The Beehive

Inspired by the 1960′s and made popular again by the Ms Amy Winehouse, the beehive is once again enjoying a resurgence this summer. Expect to see lots of big hair, grips and empty cans of hairspray across dresser this Spring Summer, A look great for an meal out, or to a formal event like a wedding, the beehive truly is a statement piece which is as beautiful as it is timeless.

Creating the perfect summer hair-do is simple enough and hopefully the tips above will help look beautiful through out the summer months.

 2013s Fabulous Summer Hairstyles


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 2013s Fabulous Summer Hairstyles

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