4 Make Up Tricks for a Younger Looking You

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Younger Tips 600x351 4 Make Up Tricks for a Younger Looking YouRemember those days when you couldn’t wait to grow up and doll up. When you used to steal your mother’s or elder sister’s make up and happily spend hours in front of the mirror admiring your handiwork, experimenting with loads of colours and even putting on tons of jewellery. Now days you may put on that cute dress, wear a pair of pretty princess cut diamond earrings and sit in front of the mirror to assess what you can improve!


Ageing is no fun, especially not when you can see the effects on your face. Every woman wants to retain that youthfulness and bright glowing persona, no matter how old or young she is. So then what is a lovely lady to do? Take out that arsenal of tools known as make-up of course! There is no need to load up on face paint to look younger; in fact a few simple tweaks are more effective and can make all the difference.


We have rounded up a few of the simplest tips from the make-up pros to keep you looking gorgeous even if anti-ageing isn’t on the agenda yet. Here goes -


Cover up those dark circles – Dark circles are one of those pesky things that show up and age you tremendously and make you look immensely tired. These shadows under the yes vary in intensity from person to person and are often hereditary. But fear not , you can cover them up with a little bit of concealer and foundation. Use a light creamy concealer that isn’t drying and wont seep into the fine lines around or near your eyes. Pat and apply gently to the actual dark circle area and then blend with your finger or a damp sponge. If you only have foundation on hand, take a small bit let it sit in the air for a while and apply it in its more concentrated form.


Get a little blush in those cheeks – Pink, rosy cheeks have always been considered a sign of good health and youth. Blush can be a tired woman’s best friend as it really wakes up your face. Cream blushes are better for mature skin as they go on smoother and don’t settle into wrinkles. Blend well as per your face structure. Avoid that funny round red cheeked look that you get when you overdo it with the blush and don’t blend well…very ageing!


Try neutral coloured shadow for your peepers – A neutral shade eye shadow with just a hint of shimmer works beautifully to draw attention to your eyes and brightens them up. It can also make slightly crepey or lined eyelids look smoother. Use a colour close to your skin-tone. On the other hand avoid highly glittery and frosted shadows as they can look extremely dated and are better suited to teens and youngsters.


Use the right lipstick – Ah, which woman doesn’t love her lipstick or a swipe or her lip-gloss! It totally takes even a plain, un-made up face from boring to special. Avoid overly frosted and ultra light lipsticks as they tend to make your teeth look yellower and also can look dated depending on your skin tone. Shades of pink work well on most women and look young and pretty. If using a lip liner make sure you dab and blend the edges; a distinct line not only looks passé but can also settle in fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.


These are just a few handy tips to help take you from feeling drab to fab! Even a slight swipe of the right products can make you shine even brighter.


Bio -

Lisa Gomes is a beauty editor for a beauty and health blog. She also designs jewellery and believes that a pair of pretty sparklers like princess cut diamond earrings or small hoops coupled with the right make-up can make every woman look beautiful.

 4 Make Up Tricks for a Younger Looking You


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