5 tips to impress your girl-friend very easily

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Shower your girlfriend with gifts ranging from small little tiny items such as chocolates, ear rings, neck chains, bracelets among other jewelries. In addition buy impressive gift items such as dresses, handbags, shoes or even a stylish phone. If you are rich enough you can even buy her a car. Ensure that the gift items are spread throughout the year and they come as a surprise. Have a different gift for every occasion and never miss to give her a gift on special occasions such as valentines, Christmas or her birthday.

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Text messages and phone calls:

Girls love attention; they feel happy when they receive a romantic text message or even a phone call from a boyfriend. You should send about 2 or 3 text messages in a day. In the morning wish her a good day. During the day express you love and in the evening wish her a good night. This way the girls will be impressed and will feel loved. Do your research and come up with sweet text messages. There are many online resources that offer such for free. To make things better call her every now and then and tell her sweet nothings. Girls like to be flattered.


Girls love to be treated out on a date. Once in a week or a month, take your girl out and give her a treat of a lifetime. Choose one of those impressive restaurants that will take her breath away. If you got enough cash, a dinner at a famous five star hotel will definitely impress your girl. Do your research and find out what type of food she likes, is it Chinese cuisine or pizza. Take her to a restaurant where you can find her favorite food and she will be very happy

Complement her:

Tell your girl that she looks beautiful, every time you see her; find something good to tell her. I like your dress. Your hair looks cute. I like your shoes, say it in a romantic way .Always find something good to tell your girl this kind of language will impress your girl in ways that will work wonders for you.


Buy flowers for your girlfriend especially during valentines, ensure that you buy her at least a dozen red roses on valentine and she will be the happiest girl in the world. Surprise her different types of flowers even when there are no special occasions. Pay her a visit and take with you a bouquet of beautiful flowers. She will feel loved in a way words cannot express and will be impressed by your actions. Flowers express love in a special way. Girls love flowers; you will not go wrong with a bunch of beautiful roses.

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 5 tips to impress your girl friend very easily


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 5 tips to impress your girl friend very easily

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