5 Ways to Improve Your Prom Night Look

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Do you have a prom coming up? If so, we can just imagine how excited you must be! Not only is it a night when you can hang out with your friends and perhaps go on a date with your “dream guy”, but the outfit you choose for your prom will be something that you’ll remember for years later.

So, as you’re out looking for the perfect dress, the right shoes and the kind of jewelry that will help to complete your outfit, we wanted to offer you a few tips on ways that you can improve upon your prom night look below:

Get the right foundation. Something that a lot of young women have a tendency of doing is focusing so much on their dress that they don’t invest in the right undergarments that should go beneath it. And when that happens, their dress ends up not fitting as well as it should. So, preferably before you even choose the gown that you want, stop by a lingerie shop and get formally fitted for a bra first (and take it shopping with you). It can make all the difference in the world if you do.

Set an appointment with a stylist. Although there’s a pretty good chance that you could create a great hairstyle all on your own, the wonderful thing about a stylist is that they are professionally trained to give you a stunning look. That’s why we recommend that you make an appointment to see a stylist so that you can get a cute cut, a new color or simply a different type of hairstyle.

Have fun with your shoes. No matter what kind of dress that you choose, people are not only going to be looking at it; they are going to pay attention to your shoes as well. So, whether it’s high or low heels, open and closed-toe, don’t be afraid to be a bit daring with them. A bright color in a funky style can add just the right amount of “pop”.

Play around with jewelry. One of the best things about jewelry is that you can easily find custom pieces that are just as elegant as real diamonds and gemstones. So, as you’re trying on a pair of dangling earrings, some bangle bracelets or a pearl drop necklace, don’t be afraid to play around with a few different jewelry pieces as well. Just make sure that whatever you decide to do, it enhances your look rather than overpowers it.

Pick up a clutch. Speaking of beauty tips for prom night , say that you purchase the perfect dress on a website like Night Moves by Allure. Well, in order to complete your look, you need one more thing: a nice clutch. That way, you’ll have the perfect kind of accessory to carry your cell phone, lipstick, $20 (just in case you need to catch a cab) and another other small item that you might need. Whether it’s made out of satin, silk or sequins, a clutch is something that is both functional and extremely fashionable too. Enjoy your night at the prom!


 5 Ways to Improve Your Prom Night Look


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