7 Important Things Nail Techs Learned Their First Year in the Real World

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You’ve finished your courses, you have your tools ready, and you are prepared to take the nail salon by storm.  Your enthusiasm for your new career will be appreciated by your clients but did you know that there are some things that you didn’t learn in your courses?  Nails Magazine recently featured an article by Sree Roy that shared, “the most important things they [nail techs] learned as newbies in the real world.”  Let’s take a look at some advice from your colleagues about what they learned when they first began to work with real clients.

nails 7 Important Things Nail Techs Learned Their First Year in the Real World

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  1. 1.       Make and carry business cards with you wherever you go.  When someone asks what you do for a career, you can share a business card with your contact information and perhaps build your client base with this new contact.
  2. 2.       Don’t spend a lot of money on materials that you won’t need.  You’ll love all the new colours and glitter but being conservative is wise at the beginning of your new career as a nail tech.
  3. 3.       Retaining clients should be a top priority.  Make sure that you are polite, courteous, and that you provide customer service that is second to none.
  4. 4.       You will have no bad days.  As a professional you are not entitled to drama, bad days, or grumpy moods.  Keep smiling and making the appearance and lives of others better when they leave your presence.
  5. 5.       You are not going to please everyone.  Do your best, be professional, and understand that you will not always please every client.  Move on and don’t let this type of adversity get you down or crush your enthusiasm.
  6. 6.       Pick your spot carefully.  When you first become a nail tech you’ll need referrals, walk-ins, and word-of-mouth advertising.  If you’re in a convenient location it will be easier to build your client base and keep them.  You won’t be able to count on family and friends to carry your business so obtaining new customers must be a priority each day.
  7. 7.       Keep working as you talk to the customer.  Don’t stop when your customer starts a conversation.  Keep working but carry on talking with them.  It’s okay to be polite but you don’t want the appointment to go over the allotted time or your customer to be there longer than they had planned.

Working as a nail tech will be a rewarding job that lets you use your personality as well as your creativity.  Knowing just a few tips from those working in the industry can help you to begin your career with some additional information in mind.  Your coursework at www.nextstepbeauty.co.uk/nail-courses/ didn’t completely prepare you for the real world and that’s why many assign mentors to share facts that will help you as you begin your career.

Remember courteousness always pays off, carry business cards wherever you go, and keep the enthusiasm that you have right now and your career will be a glowing success.


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