7 Useful Tips and Tricks for Using Mascara

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httpwww.makeuped.com  150x150 7 Useful Tips and Tricks for Using MascaraWomen who have been using make-up for a long time now might be under the impression that there isn’t much to be said about applying mascara. However, we believe there’s always room for improvement in anything. This is why we’re bringing you seven tips and tricks for using mascara that you might not have known about until now.

  1. The right mascara can be worn on hot days

Going away on summer holiday and worried that your mascara will not make it through the heat and humidity? That’s a well-founded concern, since most commercial brands won’t withhold excessive temperatures. Some brands, however, are especially designed for exactly this purpose and will last you throughout the day, with not so much as a single smudge or blemish. Another innovative concept is that of the three-day mascara, currently being piloted by one of the best known brands on the market.

  1. Mascara works wonders on small eyes

The thing about using mascara on several different types of eye shapes is that you need to know how to properly apply it, in order to get the best possible effect. Small eyes can be effectively made to look larger by mascara, while eyes that are set too far apart can also be made to look closer. Simply make sure that you’re gathering all the smaller lashes in strands, together with the longer ones.

  1. Think you know how to apply mascara properly?

There are various schools of thought regarding the proper application of mascara. However, the one key move to remember is to wiggle the wand left and right while applying it to the base of the lashes – and then as you move up toward the end of the lashes. As a final touch, close each eye and brush any and all clumps of mascara with the aid of the wand.

  1. There are plenty of ways to avoid clumping

You can always use a lash comb, the anti-clumping tool of choice used by professionals. Simply put on mascara at the base of your lashes, then comb through the lashes, all the way to the tips of the hairs. The best way to comb through is to apply a wiggling motion throughout. If you think the lash comb is too much effort, then feel free to use regular paper tissues to wipe the brush clean before each use. This, of course, will result in some losses, but it will keep your lashes looking clump-free. Finally, you can also use one-off brushes, available for sale online and at most major cosmetics stores.

  1. Mix and match your mascaras

Since no two women are alike, it’s highly plausible that you will want to try out various types of mascara: those that add volume, those that add length, or curling Mascara. There’s no rule against combining several types of mascara, for the best result suited to your look, eye-shape, or occasion.

  1. What about the bottom lashes?

Most make-up experts advise against using mascara on the eye-lashes that grow out of the lower eye-lid. However, others explain that, when done properly, this tip can help make your eyes look wider. Bearing that in mind, you can apply a light coat of mascara to your lower lashes – place a paper tissue underneath before application, to make sure there won’t be any smudging involved.

  1. Colors are in!

That’s right – colored mascara has made a clear comeback this season, with sophisticated tones of gold, copper, blue, and green spotted during most fashion shows this spring. Stella McCartney is a fan of this look and, as long as you select the proper colors and use them in moderation, they can work wonders for you, too.

 7 Useful Tips and Tricks for Using Mascara


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 7 Useful Tips and Tricks for Using Mascara

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