Benefits of Silver Jewelry

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Engagement 4 150x150 Benefits of Silver Jewelry Silver jewelry is not only the material, it is widely used in various industries engaged in the manufacture of cell phones, computers, TV set, but for jewelry, silver is by far the most popular. What are the advantages of the metal allowed him to become the most common jewelry material?


  • The first – is the cost. Silver is much more affordable any other metal, but it is a precious material, which is important, given the global trend towards higher prices for precious raw materials.
  • Silver is suitable for people of all skin colors.
  • This metal is combined with any type of existing precious stones.
  • Caring for silver products do not require a lot of time to restore the color of the metal can be in the home.
  • Silver metal is hypoallergenic
  • Silver gives you more masters – to jewelers in the design plan for the creation of exclusive products.
  • Silver jewelry store antiseptic, that is, the healing properties of the material.


Considering all the above advantages, not surprisingly, are collections of famous shopping brands that are composed entirely of silver. In addition, healing and mystical properties of the metal you can use it as amulets and objects esoteric cults.


Do not forget that in ancient times, silver is very much appreciated, so created jewelry and items that are still passed down from generation to generation. Therefore it is possible to note the historical value of the metal. In the Middle Ages often made of silver tableware, decorative items, which are now a real luxury.


And, of course, the economic value of silver. If you look at the statistics, the experts predict that in the next few decades, the price of silver jewelry will not change significantly. To date, extracted from the earth more than 700,000 tons of silver, so not all crises will affect the value, and so the demand for silver is always kept high.


Given the economic situation in the world and the use of silver in modern technologies, we can give another recommendation. In the near future is expected to reduce the silver to create a stock of household items and furnishings. This is due to the fact that silver has become widely used in the tech industry, but what jewelers will never forget about this metal. Accordingly, in a short time, any dish of silver can be fabulous money.


Tips for buying silver jewelry

When buying silver jewelry, make sure that there are no visible defects or missing parts. Check fasteners – whether they work reliably. If you purchased a bracelet or chain, put the silver ware on any plane, to make sure that no kinks in the decoration and bends.


Remember! When making purchase silver jewelry, always look at the sample 925, as a sign of proof that you are buying   92.5% pure silver, not a product containing a low percentage of silver that can be simulated.


If you buy silver jewelry is not in the store, and with hands on sales or market (which is highly unlikely), you can be sure of the authenticity of silver ware, twisting it for a while in his hands.


On your fingers traces; so in the alloy of this product was used zinc, which is harmful to health. Moreover, this silver has high friability.


Silver-plated items can be distinguished, if a little scratched on them with a needle – with silver-plated brass come down, revealing a reddish metal, and if it’s real silver, it would be nothing.


You can still check out the silver magnet. If the product is “glued”, then it is an ordinary piece of iron.


At home, you can smear silver jewelry sulfur ointment from the pharmacy. If darken – silver present.


It’s really needed to clean the silver to protect your jewelry from harm.


Just the authenticity of silver can be checked using nitric acid. If there was green foam, you will be fooled – this is not any silver.


Hopefully, these tips will help you avoid common mistakes in selecting silver jewelry. We strongly recommended silver monogram necklaces for see the latest trend of silver jewelry.

 Benefits of Silver Jewelry


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 Benefits of Silver Jewelry

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