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There are some things a woman should never leave the house without, a clean pair of underwear, a hair brush for those windy days or chance encounters and some chapstick to keep those lips looking healthy and rosey and of course our purse and house keys. If you plan on changing your outfit during the day  or you love sprucing yourself up as the day wears on you’ll be sure to bring a beauty bag out with you too. Taking a beauty bag out with you is something the fashion and style blogs have made popular and it’s something we’re starting to see the luxury lifestyle blogs pick up on too.

Everyone’s beauty bag should consist of makeup, a few skincare items, something for the hair and a sweet smelling fragrance. We all should have at least one product in each group and no bag should go without the essentials. As long as you have at least one product from each group you’ll be fine, but if you want to enjoy the best from each we’ve put together a selection of our best beauty buys in 2013.

Enzyme Peel Mask – The Organic Pharmacy

If you’re a lover of organic natural products and you haven’t used or tried this product then drop everything and purchase this now. One of best skin care products period, the Enzyme Peel Mask is part of a great skin care range from The Organic Pharmacy and it really does produce great results. With more and more people finding out about the benefits of organic products, this is one skin care range that will be growing in popularity this year.

Sisley Supremÿa – Sisley

The old adage you pay for what you get is how I would best describe this Sisley Supremya night cream from Sisley. At £460 it’s certainly not cheap but that’s a small price to pay for younger looking, rejuvenated skin. As many of its devoted patrons will tell you its a beauty product they can’t do without and all say they notice a difference in their skin complexion once they stop using it. Sisley Supremya is often at the top of many beauty awards and we think it deserves it place there too.

Jasmin Rouge – Tom Ford

If you want to get noticed and remembered when you walk into a room, then Jasmin Rogue by Tom Ford is a one of those fragrances you’ll love from the first moment you use it. The classic jasmine smell has undergone a complete transformation in this bottle and it’s new spicy, floral combo is one that’ll leave heads turned and noses dreaming of more.

We know there are hundreds of beauty products out on the market and we all have our favourite products we swear by, however if you’re looking for something new to try hopefully our best beauty buys of 2013 will prove to be good picks.

 Best Beauty Buys


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 Best Beauty Buys

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