Choosing the Right Designer Dresses for Your Outings

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There’s nothing quite as silly as turning up to trendy art gallery opening in something that is too structured and too formal, and there is nothing quite as embarrassing as being under-dressed for a concert or play. Designer dresses run the gamut from playful and flirty to stern and formal, and at the end of the day, all that they really have in common is style, elegance and quality.

Choosing the Right Designer Dresses for Your Outings 450x600 Choosing the Right Designer Dresses for Your Outings

When you are looking for the right dress to take to the right event, do a little bit of research. For example, if you are going out somewhere that is on the casual side, where there will be a very strong artistic flavor and where a certain type of quirkiness is prized, consider choosing designer dresses in knits and jerseys. These dresses are form-fitting, and they have often been cut with great care than other jersey dresses. Search out knit dresses that have a little bit of form offered through pleating and ruching.

Sometimes a knit dress from a designer will throw you off. These dresses seem simple at first, but when you put them on and see how they skim over your body in just the right way, you’ll see how much care was put into them. Aside from breathtaking patterns and excellent drape, you’ll see more seams which allow for more shaping, and better finishing techniques, which will allow the garment to last for years!

Of course the place where designer dresses really shine is through the beauty required for more formal occasions. When you know that you have to look your best, consider the structure that is inherent in the couture dresses out there. A little bit of plastic boning through the bodice draws the waist in, and a slip sewn into the skirt of the dress itself can help you smooth out your curves. A great dress is worth every bit of money you put into it in terms of materials and craftsmanship.

Look for the details that make high-quality dresses stand out. Formal dresses are not made for regular wear, but they should still be constructed with durability in mind. Even chiffon detailing is stitched firmly into place, and collars are crafted to lay close to the neck but with enough stiffness that they stand up nicely.

When you are looking for something a little formal, think about adding some shine to the dress. While rhinestones and metallic accents are lovely, do not forget that you can also get a wonderful shimmer off of the fabric of the dress itself. Sleek satins can be woven with a high shine in mind or with a much more subtle effect, so look carefully for the dress that calls to you.

For a person who wants to look perfect for every occasion, dresses are incredibly handy. They do not come with the irritation of matching garments and then choosing coordinating accessories. Instead, a single dress all on its own gives you the foundation for a perfect night out. Choose a few dresses from your favorite designer and dress them to suit any occasion.

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 Choosing the Right Designer Dresses for Your Outings


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