‘Dos You Can Do: 4 Easy Hairstyles for Dads Who Have No Idea How to Style Their Daughters’ Hair

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Moms tend to have a sharper sense when it comes to little girls’ fashion and hair—after all, they did it themselves several years ago. However, dads tend to struggle a bit more when it comes to something that might seem second nature for moms. Although it seems intimidating, doing your daughter’s hair actually isn’t as difficult as it looks. To prove it, these fabulous hair tutorials will help you style with confidence.

1. Ponytail

For moms, a ponytail is so second nature that a tutorial for it almost seems absurd. However, this basic hairstyle might not come as easily for dads. To put a ponytail in your little one’s hair, start by fully brushing out all tangles, using detangling spray as necessary. Next, brush her hair to the back of her head and secure it with a small elastic band. You can do his by placing the whole band over the ponytail once, twisting it and then pulling the hair through again until the elastic is tight.

2. Pigtails

You should also make sure to brush tangles out before pigtails and use a comb to carefully part her hair all the way down the back of her head. Apply the same method of securing the ponytail with each side of her parted hair for pigtails. Remember to ask her how high or low she wants her pigtails to sit on her head to make sure it’s a style she loves. Feel free to use fun bows, ribbons and flower elastics to add a bit more color and style to her look.

3. Braids

Braids can be a little trickier, but not impossible with a little patience. Try out a simple ponytail braid first by brushing all of her hair to the back of her head and separating it into three sections. Weave one of the outer sections in between the two remaining sections, and then weave the outer section of the opposite side through the other two sections. Repeat this process until a braid forms nearly to the bottom of the hair and then secure with a hair tie.

4. Hair Accessories

For a quick and easy hairstyle, have a collection of hair accessories ready to achieve a cute styled look with no tutorials necessary. A simple, colorful headband can be placed on the top of her head for a touch of color and style, while a girly bow hair clip can keep her hair out of the way while making her feel like a princess. Head scarves are another fashionable hair accessory that can really brighten up her look, while glittery hairclips can create a pretty sparkle she’ll love.

Even though it might require a little more effort for dads, styling your daughter’s hair is easier than ever with a few hair accessories, helpful blogs (hint, hint) and a few YouTube tutorials to get you through it. Once you get started, you might even find that experimenting with hair can be pretty fun, which can open up a whole new world of creative opportunities.

 Dos You Can Do: 4 Easy Hairstyles for Dads Who Have No Idea How to Style Their Daughters Hair


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