Exploring the Ins and Outs of Common Hair Removal Techniques to Pick the Most Suitable One

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There are several ways to remove those unwanted, embarrassing tresses from the uncovered body areas such as hands, legs, and face. You must have certainly tried a few of them such as bleaching or tweezing. If the method that you have been using simply lightens the issue without actually making you get rid of it forever, you will be surely looking for a permanent or at least longer-lasting removal technique. This is where you need to know that different hair removal techniques tend to work better on different skin tones or body areas. Further, each of them has their own pros and cons for obtaining nearly permanent or totally permanent results. However, apart from the desired results, it will also be your pain tolerance level and budget, which shall identify the ideal hair removal option for you. So, here are some common hair removal techniques to know and compare!

Laser Hair Removal

This is a long-term approach for removing unwanted hair from legs, hands, and face. The laser procedure utilizes a high-frequency light beam that destroys the follicles due to which the tresses then fall out. As per a recent study, 75-85% of Iranian women who had undergone four procedures eight weeks apart remained free of unwanted hair even after 18 months. For safe and better results, it is best to take a dermatologist’s service that can ensure rare complications.

  • For People With: Fair skin and unwanted dark tresses because the laser interferes with the darker hair pigment

  • Pros: Long-lasting results, effective for dark tresses that are most annoying

  • Cons: Expensive, several sessions depending on the quantity of hair to be removed, a bit painful, re-growth but at a slow space, and temporary side effects such as redness, blistering, discolored skin, or crusting


This was the first creative technique to ensure permanent results although it might need to be conducted more than once for permanent removal. In this procedure, each mane is removed individually via a jolt of electricity that is applied to the follicle with the help of a needle. However, it is vital to look for a certified professional instead of using the home kits that are not deemed to be safe.

  • For People With: The desire to get rid of hair from the facial parts such as chin, upper lip, and brows, as the process is slow and tedious

  • Pros: Permanent removal of hair unlike laser, per session cost lower than laser

  • Cons: Morepainful than laser, extremely time-consuming, multiple sessions needed making it expensive from budget view point, and side effects like those of laser


This is the most affordable but painful option for removing hair; especially from the larger areas such as the chest, legs, and back although it works on almost all body areas. A sticky resin after been applied to the skin binds the cloth strip to hair, which is then pulled or peeled. In either case, the removal occurs from the roots due to which re-growth is certain. Waxing is done either by using a home wax kit or by approaching a professional spa or salon.

  • Pros: Longer-lasting outcomes than shaving but not more than 3-6 weeks, lighter re-growth after frequent application, affordable

  • Cons: Very painful, re-growth for sure, not meant for women with hirsutism or excessive hair growth

Buffing Pads

This technique uses an abrasive pad that works by gliding under your palm for removing hair from anywhere on the body. Such a pad is also used on a handheld appliance that rotates to remove the unwanted tresses for you. While pulling, the pad tends to exfoliate due to which the skin looks smoother.

  • Pros: Painless, relatively cheap, less growth with repeated use over time

  • Cons: Re-growth

Bio: Krista Haughtone is a beauty consultant and loves to research on the latest health and beauty products. Right now, she is exploring about lasers for hair loss. Krista believes in using only safe and effective beauty treatments irrespective of the cost and frequency of use.

 Exploring the Ins and Outs of Common Hair Removal Techniques to Pick the Most Suitable One


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 Exploring the Ins and Outs of Common Hair Removal Techniques to Pick the Most Suitable One

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