Free Ab Workout Guide

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Fitness Free Ab Workout Guide

An effective free ab workout routine? You’ll find the perfect workout exercises for ripped abs right here!

This routine, if done properly is sure to add to your six pack abs. Just remember intensity and a set routine are essential if want to build the ab muscles so really focus and isolate the abs at the top and bottom of the exercise and feel the burn as they say!

Here are a few of the best ab exercises that I believe should be a permanent fixture in anybody’s Ab workout routine. Choose 3 and complete each 3 times for 15-20 reps depending on your level of fitness.

Plank – Ly flat, with only your forearms and toes touching the ground.
Keep your back flat and hold this position for 30 seconds to a minute

Leg raises - lying flat on your back elevate your legs 6 inches off the ground and hold for 30 seconds.

Leg Crunches - Crunch by bring your knees and upper body into the middle of your body.
Hold this position for 1 second and then resuming crunching.

Additional Tips To Get Ripped Abs

The ab exercises outlined above in your free ab workout routine are ideal to start building lean muscle onto the midsection of your body however if you don’t follow some of the tips below you may well find that a few weeks down the road you still have an ugly layer of belly fat surrounding your well built ab muscles.

Here Are Some Tips For Ripped Abs

Consume a healthy diet:
The breakdown of your diet should be 50% carbs, 40% protein and 10% fat.
Going into more detail the carbs you should be aiming to consume should be low G.I complex carbs that release energy slowly.
For example, brown rice, oats, wholegrain bread etc.
Protein should include lean meats such as chicken breasts, turkey and lean pork.
Fats intake should be high in polyunsaturated fat which can be found in Olive oil.

High Intensity Interval Training:  Cardio is essential to burn fat and reveal your abs. This is why anyone trying to attain great abs should be doing HIIT 2-3 times per week.
Try running, rock climbing or push yourself to the next level with crossfit training.

Stay hydrated:  Drink water and lots of it! Approximately 2-3 litres per day and even more if you’re doing lots of cardio and running around a lot in general!

For more information and suggestions check out my fitness site

 Free Ab Workout Guide


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 Free Ab Workout Guide

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