Freshening Up Your Pieces of Flair: How to Accessorize With Style

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The blandest outfits can become something special with the help of a few carefully chosen accessories. Rather than letting a stagnant wardrobe get the best of you, spice things up with accessories that bring new life to old clothes. Choose at least two accessories to go with each outfit, and use these tips on how to wear accessories in a way that enhances your look without going over the top.

scarves Freshening Up Your Pieces of Flair: How to Accessorize With Style

Wear Scarves in Unconventional Ways: Your stash of scarves may seem a little boring if you’re just looping them around your neck the same way every time you wear them. Instead, turn to some creative ways to tie a scarf or add it to an outfit. Fold up a scarf and wearing it as a belt, or shape it into a triangle and wearing it around your neck or over your head like a bandana. Scarves also make cute headbands. You can even wear large scarves as shawls or shirts if you fold and tie them the right way.

Choose Appropriate Jewelry: Many people have one or two pieces of everyday jewelry, like a nice watch, ring or necklace, and then add other items from a large collection of bargain pieces. Bracelets, earrings and necklaces are easy to find at garage sales or on clearance racks, and when you have a lot of them, you can pick just the right ones for each outfit. A big, bold necklace can bring new life to a simple top, and a wrist full of bangles makes a basic outfit super classy.

Get Creative with DIY Accessories: You can find tutorials all over the Web for accessories to make on your own. One of the biggest trends right now is zipper headbands, which you can easily make by adding some elastic to a zipper from a fabric store. Also, keep an eye out for tutorials to make bracelets out of button and wire, or to add ribbon and silk flowers to a pair of cheap flip flops.

Don’t Forget Your Nails: Although your nails aren’t technically an accessory, nail polish is the perfect way to add a little extra splash to an outfit. Coordinating the colors of your nail polish and accessories results in a look that’s very put together, or you can create nail art to turn your nails into an accessory in and of themselves. Discounted shades will allow you to expand your collection of colors quickly, and you just need to invest in a good topcoat to keep any color in place.

Even if you haven’t had much experience wearing accessories, it’s easy to start. Just add one to an outfit; as you start getting compliments, you’ll learn what looks good. Develop your own personal style that revolves around accessories for a fun wardrobe that’s easy to adjust with the changing trends.

 Freshening Up Your Pieces of Flair: How to Accessorize With Style


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