Genetic History and Caring for Your Beauty

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When it comes to how we look, a lot of it is a result of our genes. Embedded into our cells is programming that dictates how we look and whether we fit into society’s idea of beauty or not. The other aspect of how attractive we look is how well we take care of our bodies. Both these factors work together to make us ugly, beautiful, or handsome in the eyes of others. In this short guide, we will look at how our looks can be enhanced thanks to these two specific areas.

Where Do Genes Come From?

First, we must understand that our physical characteristics come from our parents’ genetics. If they’re both tall, you will be tall. If they have attached earlobes, you’ll have them too. Some genes are dominant while others are recessive, meaning that you might not gain all of your parent’s characteristics. For example, if your father has brown eyes while your mother has blue, it is highly likely that you will have brown eyes too. As you can see, this genetic history plays a big part in how we look and how society views us. Of course, you can you can always work with your genes, highlighting your finer features while hiding the others.

Genetic Deterioration

Your skin grows old over time; this is a well-known fact that has been studied meticulously by some of the top cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies in the world. These businesses aim to slow down the aging process with their range of creams, lotions and serums. Thus the world of genetics is entering the commercial field along with paternity tests, DNA kits and more. This is good news though, as it means that you can maintain the genetic stability of your skin cells in an effective manner, putting off aging for as long as you can. With the right products, you can keep your skin looking younger for longer, giving you a beautiful face and figure into your old age.

Choosing the Right Products

Of course, since nobody wants to look wrinkled and ancient, there are plenty of beauty products available out there. Some are more effective at working with your skin’s genetics than others though, meaning that you should always be careful when shopping. Before purchasing any ointments or creams, check for the following:

  • How reputable is the brand?
  • What science is behind the product?
  • What results is it aiming for?
  • Where is it being sold?

The specifics behind a particular type of lotion or serum will give you a good idea of the effectiveness of these items when it comes to preserving your genetic beauty. To complement this, you can also take DNA tests that link you with cosmetics which suit your skin. This means that you should be able to take care of your looks even more effectively. As the world of genes becomes more and more commercialised, it is possible that you can maintain your youthful good looks for so much longer than the previous generations could.

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