Getting Rid of Tattoos by Laser

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It is perfectly common for people to change their minds about tattoos similarly to everything else in life. It could be an article, friends gossiping or a change within your social circle, but something will cause you to change your mind at some stage about your tattoo and you may want to remove it. However, this isn’t as straight forward as it sounds.

Tattoos are more than Just Images

Getting a tattoo removed is a big step for a lot of people. It is the end of an era that is often significant in people’s lives. For some, their tattoo makes them feel young and getting rid of it is like parting with a loved one or handing over the keys of a car you loved. There will always be ‘what ifs’ and ‘what life would be like if I still had that tattoo’. Of course there are a lot of people who are happy with their tattoos and they want to live out their days with the reminders that their tattoos bring them.

Your Options

If you are thinking of removing your tattoo, make sure you get the right service or clinic which will remove the tattoo and leave no trace of any ink or as little as possible. You have a few options when removing your tattoo such as burning the skin until the ink is removed or to use acid which doesn’t remove all the ink and often leaves nasty scars. Then there are the more professional ways such as surgery which involves removing the skin and then grafting new skin on from another part of the body which scars two parts of the body. There is also the option of Dermabrasion which removes layers of skin eventually removing the pigment, but there is often remains left leaving a slight blurred print of the tattoo in the skin behind.

laser tattoo Getting Rid of Tattoos by Laser

Lasers and Tattoos

Out of all these options the results aren’t that promising. However, tattoo laser removal leaves barely any trace of the tattoo and more often than not no trace will be able to be found. The benefits of using laser treatment is that there is no scarring or after marks. To see examples of tattoos removed by lasers click here. Tattoo removal is a tricky procedure to perform but when using lasers the reward is worth the effort. The laser causes high energy tension within the skin, cracking the ink and dispersing it, until there is no trace. The breakdown of the ink speeds up the natural break down of the tattoo pigment making it a safe procedure as long as you have the right machine.

By using the wrong machine certain pigments may not break down correctly leaving traces of your tattoo, so it is important that you research the machine beforehand. Make sure that your machine doesn’t look like a photo copier and doesn’t have a flexible plastic sleeve as these machines tend to not use the correct amount of energy to diffuse the ink.

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