Great Hairstyles Kids can Try out This Summer

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Untitled2 Great Hairstyles Kids can Try out This SummerSummer is the time for kids to enjoy and have fun. The vacations are an ideal time for kids to visit the zoo, have fun in the park, and go for trips to beaches. However, to prevent your kid’s hair from becoming a mess when he or she is having fun, style your kid’s hair in a nice way. There are a number of kid’s hairstyles that are ideal for summer. They make your child look adorable and cool. Most of these styles are easy and quick to create.

Here are some great summer hairstyles designed for small girls and boys.

Simple and Sweet:

Every small girl looks adorable with braided pigtails. Give your little daughter a cheerful look
by braiding her hair to create two ponytails. Secure the ponytails with elastics or bright colored ribbons. You may side part her hair deeply to add some interest to the hairstyle.

Braided Pigtails Look Quite Cool

Double Dutch:

This cool hairstyle is ideal for formal summer activities. This style gives your child a more elegant look as compared to that with the pigtails. Part the hair down the middle, and twist it to form two loose buns. In this style, two cute little knots are formed at two sides of the head.

Trouble Maker:

This cool hairstyle suits to young boys who love to sport short hair. In this style, the hair is short and tapered around the sides and ears. However, the hair length is enough for creating texture and interest.

Braided Beauty:

Untitled1 Great Hairstyles Kids can Try out This SummerThis hairstyle can beautifully spice up plain and boring pigtails. This style includes three different hair techniques – a twist, a classic braid and a French braid. This hairstyle is suitable for small girls having long hair.

Braids Look Great in Little Girls with Long Hair

Shattered Bob Cut:

This bob haircut style looks adorable on small girls. In this style, the hair is cut at the jaw line, and it is kept full throughout. This style never becomes outdated. Ask the stylist to slightly layer the length so as to prevent the hair to look too heavy or boxy.

Beach Bum:

This style is suitable for young boys. The style features soft and wavy hair with a cool windblown effect. The hair is slightly longer in thus style, but it still appears as polished and groomed. The hair is laid back and is not too serious.

Long Bob having Bangs:

This is a longer version of the bob hair cut and is great as the extra length allows you to make little pigtails. Because of the bangs, your kid does not feel the haircut to be heavy around her face. Short bangs also look quite adorable on children.

Teacher’s Pet:

In this hairstyle, the hair of a young boy is crisply and deeply side parted, and slicked over to lend a charming finish.

Curly and Cute:

If your little daughter has natural ringlets, this hairstyle will be ideal for her. Leave the hair open and add some peek-a-boos and curled pieces of pink and blonde. The sunny weather is a great time for adding some bright feathers and colorful snap-in extensions.

Spike Up:

Untitled3 Great Hairstyles Kids can Try out This SummerThis hairstyle would let your son look stylish
even when he is playing video games. Get his hair trimmed and taper it short around his ears, sides and backs. Leave the longer hair over the top front portion. This is a simple and easy hairstyle, but still makes a statement at the arcade or beach.

Little Boys Look Cool with Spiked Hairstyle


These are some great hairstyles your kid can try out this summer. Each of these styles has its unique look and makes a style statement. Let your child have a fashionable, trendy and cool look this summer.

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