How to Apply Mineral Foundation

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How to Apply Mineral Foundation 150x150 How to Apply Mineral FoundationMost makeup products made today are very bad for your skin because of the chemicals that they are made with. If you are switching to mineral makeup because of this, then you are making a positive change.

One thing most people have to become familiar with when they first start using this makeup is how to apply it.Although the foundation is a bit different, it can still provide you with great coverage that is also really healthy for your skin.

1. Wash Your Face

Start the process by washing your face so that it’s clean and free from bacteria. Apply a light moisturizer and let it dry so that your pores are fresh and your skin is soft. If you skip this step you may find that your makeup doesn’t go on as nicely as you want it to.

2. Apply Primer

If you have a primer that you use for your skin, put it on after your moisturizer has dried. Although this isn’t something that you have to do, it’s definitely recommended. Primers are especially effective for individuals who are using mineral makeup because it helps the powder stay on for longer. There are tons of primers out there, including a few that are completely natural.

3. Apply the Mineral Foundation

The next step is to grab your foundation brush and your mineral foundation. Dip the brush into the powder and then tap it on the side of the container to remove any excess. Next you will stroke the brush on your face in a circular motion. It’s best to start on the outside of your face and work your way in. The circular motion will ensure that you cover all areas and that everything is even. Once you are finished with the cheek area, move onto your nose and forehead.

If you need additional coverage, then re-load your brush as necessary. Some people may find that they need a couple of coats of foundation, while others might only need one. Even if you do use a couple coats of this it won’t harm your skin and it won’t feel heavy, which are problems you would experience with other types of foundation.

4. Mineral Blush and Bronzer

Blush and bronzer will help contour your face so it looks thinner and more vibrant. Start with using a contouring brush to apply the mineral bronzer to your cheekbones. Make a fish face to make it easier to see where your cheekbones are at. From here, use a blush brush and dip it into the mineral blush. Only a tiny bit is needed, so make sure you tap the brush to remove excess blush. Buff this in a circular motion onto the apples of your cheeks and stroke to your hairline to finish.


- You can apply a mineral powder to your face after all steps are complete. This will give you a matte look and will ensure all colors blend well together.

- Mineral powders are generally pigmented really well, so you probably won’t need to apply a lot of brush or bronzer to get the look that you want.

- You can easily clean the mineral powder with any makeup remover wipes.

 How to Apply Mineral Foundation


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 How to Apply Mineral Foundation

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