How to Choose a Revlon Foundation

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How to Choose a Revlon Foundation 150x150 How to Choose a Revlon FoundationRevlon is one of the most popular makeup brands because it’s affordable and easy to find. This is a brand that doesn’t charge $20 for an eyeshadow or $50 for their foundation.

If you want to use foundation from Revlon, then you need to make sure you choose the right one for you. There are a variety of options and each of them has something unique to offer.

1. Liquid vs. Powder

If you have dry skin that tends to flake up, then liquid foundation is probably going to be the best choice for you. Revlon makes a lot of different types, including Nearly Naked and Colorstay. The type of liquid foundation you get will depend on your skin type, what type of coverage you need and how long you want it to last. Certain products will last all day while others are meant to help control oils.

If you have oily skin, then powder foundation from Revlon is going to be a great choice. This goes on easily with just the swipe of your brush or powder puff. New Complexion is the latest powder foundation that this brand has developed. It’s a one-step foundation that is easy to apply and will provide coverage based on how much you put on.

There are also cream foundations available that have become very popular because they are very easy to apply and provide coverage with just one layer. Colorstay Whipped Creme and Photoready Airbrush Mousse are two that Revlon currently offers.

2. Aging and Sun Protection

Sun protection is essential to have when you go outside in UV rays. Most Revlon foundations have at least SPF 5 in them, but this varies with each of the products. If you want to avoid having to put on sunscreen before your foundation, then pick up a product that already has it inside.

Anti-aging foundations have special ingredients in them that help fight aging. For example, Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage helps hydrate and revitalize the skin. These types of foundation are great for women who want to prevent or fight aging as it happens.

3. Color

After you determine what type of foundation that you want, you will have to figure out a color. What you get will depend on your skin tone, whether or not you want to look darker and what you are comfortable with. Revlon has tons of different colors to choose from so they have something to offer everyone. Whether you are fresh ivory, which is the lightest of colors, or mocha, which is one of the darkest, you have to choose based on your very own skin tone.


- Dab a little bit of foundation onto your wrist to see if it’s the same color. This can act as a guide while you are shopping to ensure you purchase the right color.

- Choose the foundation that you feel will work best for how you like to apply it. Creams are some of the easiest to apply because they are thicker than liquid. They also provide more coverage without having to apply a lot of layers, which many women appreciate.

- Revlon can send you samples of their products if you write them a letter. This can help you choose which products are best for your specific skin type.


 How to Choose a Revlon Foundation


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 How to Choose a Revlon Foundation

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