How to Choose What Perfume to Buy

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How to Choose What Perfume to Buy 150x150 How to Choose What Perfume to BuyThere are hundreds of different perfumes to choose from whether you’re at the grocery store or at a large department store. Some scents are sweet while others are sultry and there are always options in between.

With all of these options to choose from, how do you pick which is best for you? Nobody has time to test a hundred different scents, so this guide can help you choose which to buy the first time you shop!

1. Budget

Some perfumes can cost well over $100 for a bottle, so setting a budget is important if you don’t have an unlimited budget. Generally you can get a pretty good perfume for around $60, but you should be encouraged to look for sales and comparison shop to save money! After you set your budget you should have a good idea of where you can shop, whether it’s at a department store or online through a discount perfume shop.

2. Where are you going to use it?

If you are buying the perfume for the summer, something with a light and flower/citrus scent is going to be perfect. This will mix right in with all of the flowers in the air and make you smell like you’re bursting with sunshine! There are a lot of nice spring and summer scents; you just have to read the descriptions of the perfumes to see what kind of scent notes they have.

If you plan on using the perfume to wear out at night or for going to work, you will probably want a scent that won’t irritate you. There are a lot of great options out there, both affordable and luxurious. These normally have notes of vanilla, musk, spice and citruses to balance everything out.

By knowing what type of scent you want you can avoid searching between a ton of different choices. Instead, you can stick with the same family of scents so you only look at what you want! There are a lot of different options whether you want something super sweet and flirty or something that is sultry and sexy.

3. Bottle

The bottles that perfumes come in these days vary wildly. For example, you can get the typical spray bottle, but remember that this is not travel friendly. If you want to take the perfume with you, you are better off with a roller ball bottle or a mini size spritzer. There are also hard perfumes you can get that are easy to wipe on your body when you want to change your scent.


- If you choose a powerful scent, make sure you only spray a couple times with the pump. Spraying too much can make you smell way too much for other people’s comfort.

- If you grab samples from a department store, take your time with them. Spray one on and leave it on throughout the day. This will give you an idea of whether the scent changes, how long it lasts and if you enjoy wearing it all the time.

- Remember that cheap fragrances can be just as great as those that are expensive. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get something you enjoy!

Author Bio : Popea Ionut is a freelance writer and a regular contributor @ Squidoo. For more fragrance info be sure to this perfume lens.

 How to Choose What Perfume to Buy


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 How to Choose What Perfume to Buy

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