How to Cover up Blackheads with Makeup

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How to Cover up Blackheads with Makeup 150x150 How to Cover up Blackheads with MakeupMakeup can work wonders for just about any skin issue you’re dealing with. Whether your face is a little red or you have blackheads that won’t go away, makeup can help.

In order to make sure you effectively cover up those blackheads, you just have to make sure you use the right kind!

1. Pick a Primer

Face primer is absolutely essential if you want to cover up blackheads and any other skin imperfections that are bothering you. Primer can easily be applied with your fingers in a circular motion around the surface of your face. This should absorb in a few seconds and will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. The best part about primer is that it prepares your skin for foundation so that it goes on more evenly and covers better than before.

2. Pick a Foundation

There are a lot of different foundations you can choose from to help cover your blackheads. Liquids are generally the best because they will absorb into your skin effectively and help cover anything that you don’t want to see. Natural foundations are the best to use as are those that don’t have oil in them. Choose something that is as close to your natural skin tone as possible.

Mineral foundations are also great options because they won’t clog your pores and will absorb evenly in your skin without causing any irritation. Use a color that is the same as your natural skin and pair it with a bronzer that is darker to contour your face. The type of foundation that you choose will depend on whether your skin is dry, oily or combination as well as what you prefer.

3. Use Concealer

If you still find that you can see the blackheads through the foundation you already applied, then it’s time to apply concealer. This should be the same color as the foundation so that it’s not obvious you are wearing it. When you dab the foundation onto your blackheads you will need to gently blend it in with a brush. Be as gentle as you can when you are blending to avoid putting too much concealer in one area than the other.

4. Use Bronzer to Contour

Bronzer is great for contouring the face and can even make you look thinner. Brush this on your cheekbones, both sides of your forehead and under your chin. The darkness of the bronzer will take attention away from the areas of your skin that have blackheads.

5. Apply Powder

Use a setting powder to finish off your makeup look. This will blend all of your makeup together and will help cover the blackheads further. This should be a light color or light shimmer that blends nicely with your skin.


- Always wash your makeup off at night in order to avoid more blackheads appearing in the morning.

- Exfoliate two or three times per week when in the shower to remove as many blackheads as you can.

- Avoid picking at your skin so you don’t end up with scars or scabs.

If you don’t find any blackhead treatment to be efficient on your skin, you can always try to hide them with a good pore minimizer.

 How to Cover up Blackheads with Makeup


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 How to Cover up Blackheads with Makeup

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