How to Groom Long Nails

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How to Groom Long Nails 150x150 How to Groom Long NailsLong nails are easier to paint, can make you look more feminine and are overall pretty nice to have. Unfortunately, these do require a bit of maintenance in order to keep them looking good.

If you avoid grooming your nails you will find that they easily break, don’t look that good and aren’t worth having around. By treating your nails the right way they will be better looking than ever so you can enjoy them on a daily basis.

1. Trim Regularly

Trimming your long nails on a regular basis is very important. This will help prevent them from breaking and cracking, but it will also keep them looking good. You don’t have to cut off a lot of your nail, only a small amount so that the dead part of the nail is gone. This can get rid of weakness in the nail so that only the strong part grows back. If you want to avoid breakage, this is going to be very important.

While you are trimming your nails, you should also clip your cuticles. This will make your nails look longer and it will make it easier to apply nail polish. Use a gentle buffing tool to buff the surface of them as well. Buffing gets rid of dead skin and will make the nails a lot softer and shinier. Filing the ends will also get rid of splits and make each of your nails have the same shape. There are tons of nail kits out there and most are relatively inexpensive to purchase.

2. Nourish the Nails

If you paint your nails a lot, clean the house or do anything with water, your nails can easily become damaged. Nourishing them once per week can make them look better and feel a lot stronger. There are tons of different products out there that are designed to provide your nails with vitamins and nutrients. All you have to do with most of these is apply them to your nails and wait for the solution to dry.

Taking vitamins can also boost the health of your nails and even your hair. Calcium, vitamin b complex, zinc, iron and copper are all vitamins and minerals that you should stock up on. Getting these through your food or through supplements can make a big difference with the way your nails look. Your nails can even go from dull to shiny within a couple of weeks!

3. Wear Gloves

A big part of grooming your nails is making sure they are taken care of all the time. If you wear gloves when you’re outside, doing the dishes, cleaning the house or doing any other rough activity, you will be protecting the nails from a lot of damage. Not only will this help them avoid touching chemicals, it will also help them avoid getting hit and chipped. You don’t have to live your life in gloves, but wearing them occasionally is a great way to provide extra protection.


- If you don’t have time to do all of this, get a weekly manicure. When you do this you will get a hand massage and you will be able to enjoy relaxing for a while!

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 How to Groom Long Nails


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 How to Groom Long Nails

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