How to look beautiful while traveling

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4874112.219409b1.560 150x150   How to look beautiful while travelingHow to look good on the go is the first questions that pops up a girls mind when planning a long trip. Trying to look good while you’re traveling is pretty much on the top of the stress-o-meter and regardless of what mode of transportation you are going to use, you will surely come face to face with the uglies. Never lookout for cheap beauty products as you look for Cheap Airline Tickets, cheap tickets will help you saving money and cheap beauty products will make you spend more to cover up the side effects caused by them. Read on before you head out and come back home refreshed.

  • Keep your skin hydrated – Apply intense moisturizer the night you are going to fly as moisturizer helps in keeping your skin hydrated in the dehydrated effects of cabin pressure. Moisturizer helps keeping your skin fresh and rejuvenated. Look for creams with SPF 15 protection or higher that have a slight pigment to provide a great finished look without the heaviness of foundation.
  • Make sure that you get enough sleep – Remember, do not force yourself to stay awake. Get good sleep even when you are traveling and keep yourself fresh and ready for everything waiting ahead. One smart thing to do would be to take some coffee.
  • Blot out oily skin – Carry cleansing or refreshing wipes to clean dirt and make-up and dab the T zone as often as necessary. This is especially required when you are on long flights.
  • Clothing – Choose clothing that is comfortable and stylish at the same time and doesn’t require a lot of room too. Carry sweatpants, travel pants and light fitted tops. It’s advisable to carry  a sweatshirt as airplanes tens to be cold from inside.
  • Apply Lip Treatment regularly- Carry your lip treatment always with you in your carry bag as it won’t rub off your lipstick and helps in keeping your lips hydrated. Situations like high heat or air conditioning can also cause lips to feel dehydrated.
  • Carry Eye drops – Stuffy air, long queues and hours on the go will make you look  and feel tired. So, it’s advisable to wear minimal make up and if your peepers feel dry or get red, a few eye drops will fix them.

Take your own supplies as products such as soaps and shampoos provided by hotels are often harsh, these petite products are important to have.

   How to look beautiful while traveling


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   How to look beautiful while traveling

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