How to Make Your Legs Super Soft

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How to Make Your Legs Super Soft 150x150 How to Make Your Legs Super SoftSpring and summer are right around the corner and that means being able to show off your legs! Unfortunately, the winter months might have done a number on them and made them unreasonably rough.

The good news is that you can easily change the way your legs look and feel so they are super soft and touchable.

1. Exfoliate Your Skin

When you’re in the shower do you simply wash your legs and leave it at that? Well, instead of this, a couple of times a week you should be exfoliating your legs with a loofah and a good scrub. These things will get rid of the dead skin layer from your legs so your new skin shows through. This actually makes your skin feel extremely soft, even if you haven’t shaved.

2. Moisturize

Putting lotion on your legs might not seem like it’s necessary when you’re not showing them off in the winter, but it’s something you should be doing. A good moisturizer will keep your skin soft and supple all throughout the year. Then when you are ready to wear some shorts, you won’t have to stress about doing heavy hydrating. There are a lot of great lotions and body butters to choose from, so take your pick.

3. Shave or Wax

Your legs are never going to feel as soft as they will right after you shave or get waxed. Of course waxing lasts longer than shaving, but it’s also more expensive and can be painful! If you choose to shave you should try and use the razor in the direction of hair growth. This will reduce chances of ingrown hairs developing and it will help your skin stay supple and healthy. If you do shave against the direction of growth, make sure you only go over it one time with a sharp and clean razor.

4. Use Oils

Oils are great for the legs because they make them feel like silk. The best part about using these is that you only need a little bit in order for them to be effective. There are also a lot of body oils that are scented, which can give you a nice smell so you don’t need any heavy perfume.


- When exfoliating make sure you don’t scrub your legs really roughly. This will only end up irritating your skin and can actually cause them to feel rough. Light exfoliation two or three times a week is great for most people to get rid of their dead skin.

- If it’s already warm weather, use a lotion that is light instead of heavy. A heavy lotion is only going to melt from your skin and cause it to feel clammy. If it’s still cold outside you can use a heavy lotion, like a body butter, to lock moisturizer in.

- Only shave or wax when you need to so that you don’t damage the top layer of skin on your legs. Shaving or waxing too often can result in your skin getting rough and feeling irritated at the slightest touch.

Author Bio : Popea Ionut is a freelance writer and a regular contributor @ Squidoo. For more skin care info be sure to this body butter lens.

 How to Make Your Legs Super Soft


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 How to Make Your Legs Super Soft

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