How to Pick the Best Gemstone Earrings to Complement your Look

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The homecoming party is just a week away and you already have your outfit, makeup and hairstyle in mind. But there’s one more consideration to be all set—finding the perfect jewellery. Do you need help in picking the kind of gemstone earrings to complete your elegant look? While there are no definitive rules when it comes to style, the following tips should help you decide which will complement you best.


1. Determine Your Skin Tone

You can either have a cool or warm skin tone depending on the color of your veins. People with cool skin tones have bluish veins and have noticeable pinkish/rosy undertones. They can also include dark, or tanned skin. Warm skin tones, on the other hand, have greenish veins and a yellow or golden undertone. They’re often people with a lighter skin.


2. Pick Your Metal

Now that you have determined your skin type, you can now pick the type of metal for your gemstone earrings. Cool skin tones go well with silver and white gold, while warm skin tones favor gold and copper.


3. Decide on Your Gemstone

The cool thing about gemstones is that they come in a variety colors. You need to pick one that matches your skin tone or your personality, or both. Matching it with the color of your dress is also nice, but not necessary. You want to do something different, so you mix and match. Neutral colors such as clear (diamond), white (pearls) or black (opals and black diamonds) go well with any type of outfit. For cool skin tones, your focus will be on pink (tourmaline), purple (amethyst and tanzanite), red (ruby, garnet) or blue (blue topaz, sapphire, aquamarine). For warm skin tones, the choices are green (emerald and peridot) and yellow/orange (citrine).

Personality-wise, red is the color for love and passion. Wearing ruby earrings can mean energetic, impulsive, competitive and attention catching. On the other hand, wearing blue such as sapphire earrings suggests seriousness, deep feelings, self-reliance, and wisdom. Finally, green is for youthfulness, sensitivity and creativity. So if you’re that type of person, emerald earrings will be your best choice.


4. Choose The Style and Design for Your Earrings

When it comes to deciding your earrings, consider your face shape and makeup. Oval faces generally look good in any style and shape, but they particularly look stunning with teardrop earrings, or oval dangling earrings which accentuates the face’s natural shape. For round faces, it will be wise to choose angular shapes such as teardrops, or thin dangling earrings to minimize the puffy appearance. They should avoid round designs such as circular disks because they will only make the face look wider. For square faces, oversized hoop earrings and long, dangling pieces that extend below the jawline are best because they soften the face and make it appear smaller.

For women with narrow faces, stud earrings as well as long dangle earrings can minimize the length of the face. Dangle earrings with elongated curve pieces also add softness and accentuate the cheekbones. Finally, for those with a diamond face, choosing pieces with hoop earrings and dangles with a soft curve minimizes the sharpness along the cheekbone. Avoid dangling pieces that feature a diamond shape.


Now that you have decided on your gemstone earrings, it should be easier to determine the kind of necklace and ring to go along with them. Good luck and enjoy the evening with your glamorous look!


 How to Pick the Best Gemstone Earrings to Complement your Look


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