How to Prevent Hair Bumps

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How to Prevent Hair Bumps How to Prevent Hair BumpsHair bumps are difficult to deal with, but they are not impossible to get rid of. If you’re tired of covering up your skin because it has unsightly bumps, then change things!

There are a lot of things you can do to improve the look and feel of your skin. The best part is that the steps listed below can even help prevent hair bumps so you don’t have to deal with them ever again.

1. Exfoliate During the Week

Exfoliating your skin during the week will help you get rid of the dead skin that can build up quickly. Make sure to use a gentle exfoliating scrub and a loofah to ensure that you’re as gentle as possible.

Don’t do this every day, as this can cause skin damage from not allowing new skin cells to regenerate possibly.

2. Use the Right Razor

When you shave your skin it’s important to use a brand new razor that hasn’t been sitting in your shower. You don’t have to use a new razor each time, you can store the razor you normally use in baby oil to keep it fresh.

The sharper the blades are, the closer of a shave you will get the first time around. There are a lot of great razors, but those with two or three blades are generally the best.

3. Use Shaving Cream

A thick shaving cream will help nourish your skin and it will prevent the razor blades from damaging it. There are even some shaving creams that are made for individuals who have sensitive skin. Just make sure you put on a layer of this before you start shaving so that your skin is as protected as possible.

3. Shave the Right Way

Shave in the direction of hair growth so that you don’t end up with hair bumps. Although this may take some getting used to, it is well worth it. If you want a shave that leaves your skin as smooth as possible, you can shave against the direction of hair growth. Just make sure if you do this that you don’t go over your skin too many times.

4. Use Hair Bump Creams

There are a lot of creams and serums available today that are made just for hair bumps. All you have to do is apply one of these to your skin when you are done shaving and you should see a huge reduction in the bumps. These are generally pretty affordable and can be found at your local drug stores. There are also home remedies available to choose from if you want something completely natural.


- Try to avoid shaving every day of the week if you can help it. Shaving too much can result in the hair follicle getting stuck in the skin.

- Moisturize your skin on a daily basis to keep it supple and soft. This can also result in fewer bumps, so make sure you apply as often as is necessary.

- Waxing can help avoid bumps, but this is not for anyone who can’t handle a lot of pain!

Author Bio : Popea Ionut is a freelance writer and a regular contributor @ Squidoo. For more skin care info be sure to this lens about razor bump creams.

 How to Prevent Hair Bumps


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 How to Prevent Hair Bumps

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