Little Known Features of Tantric Massage

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Tantric massage is a term that inspires a lot of ideas in the minds of its would-be practitioners. A lot of people are unaware that there are subtle features of tantric massage that can do more than just provide a quick release.

Tension Release

Tantric massage, when done correctly, is particularly good at releasing tension in the trapezius muscle. Many people do not think about that when they first imagine this form of massage. However, tension builds incredibly in these muscles for most people.  Beginning at the base of the spine, an experienced practitioner can use just one thumb to move up to the shoulder blades and massage the muscle from there. This releases a cascade of stress and tension built up in the trapezius.

Unknown Connections

You do not have to approach the most sensitive areas of a person’s body in order to stimulate erotic sensations and release tension. For example, there is a little known connection between the small of the back and the genitalia in men. Tapping the small of his back with one hand can both induce relaxation and initiate nerve impulses in his groin.

Tantric Massage and the Spine

Already you may have noticed that tantric massage focuses an inordinate and unexpected amount of attention on the spine. For example, the previously mentioned method of using the thumb to move up the spine can be enhanced and exacerbated by using the whole heel of the palm.

The Inner Thighs

The inner thigh is not just an obvious point of romantic interest. There is also a tendon here, in both men and women’s bodies, that runs up into the groin area. Like any tendon in the body, it responds well to the much-needed relief of massage. It also stimulates erotic sensation elsewhere.

Full Body Massage

The pinnacle of this type of massage comes not with the imagined release at the end of the process but the opportunity for the practitioner to make full-body contact with the patient. After all of the separate areas have received particular attention, massaging a patient’s whole body with the practitioner’s whole body makes sense.

Foreplay Ideas

There is a long-term benefit from this massage technique that some people overlook. Patients walk away from this therapy with renewed bodies and stimulated minds. They can return to lovers with new and enriching ideas about lovemaking that can benefit their relationships as well as their bodies.

Tantric massage is more than just an opportunity to gain some quick, physical release. Just like regular massage, it can address stress and tension all over your body. It has a particularly good opportunity to continue benefiting your mind as well when you leave the office. If you live in England, you can rely on Tantric Massage London for the perfect relaxing massage.

 Little Known Features of Tantric Massage


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