Matching Makeup With Gemstone Jewellery

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We can only say that we are stylish when all fashionable elements work together to create a perfect appearance. Wearing makeup is no different. You want to be sure that it is appropriate when looking at clothing choices and the gemstone accessories that you are going to wear. If you ever wondered how to perfectly match that gold ring you love with makeup, consider the following tips and tricks.

Work Makeup Around The Jewellery

If you wear gemstone jewellery and you really want to make it the star of the look, work the makeup around it. Keep in mind that this does not mean that the makeup has to match your statement piece. You just have to match one of the makeup parts with the gemstone in order to properly highlight everything. For instance, teal earrings would look great in a combination with teal eyeliner.

Create Contrast With Splashes

In the event that you want to be really bold, contrast is something that you want. The complementary colors are the colors that stand out as opposite to one another based on the color wheel. It is possible that the colors are different but they would be perfect together. As an example, you can consider blue and orange or red and green. Make sure that you consider different shades based on what you really want. Highly saturated shades will normally be preferred.

Stick To Color Family

Before you head off to shop for new jewellery from Trollbeads or similar, do look at the options you have and consider sticking to a color family so that you would create really sophisticated and clean lines. As an example, when you have pink gemstone rings, it is possible to opt for slightly coral or pink shades in the manicure you wear.

On the color wheel you can find analogous colors that are close to each other. They will normally work really well together because they would blend into each other. That makes the jewellery stand out even more when makeup shades of the same family of colors are chosen.

Consider Jewellery Design And Setting

Jewellery color is not the only thing you will want to seriously consider. You also need to think about design and setting. For instance, if you have a twenties vintage or art deco style, use makeup that would match that particular era. Wear eyeliner that is winged in order to have a dramatic flair. If you are wearing a modern and stylish piece, make the makeup neutral so that the piece would not be overpowered.

Remember Skin Tone

The jewellery and the makeup need to match skin tone. A failure to do this would lead towards a really unattractive look. We basically have two main skin tones: warm and cool. When you have warm skin tone, the skin has a yellow tinge. In cool skin tone the hue is blue or slightly pink.

Always stay focused on both your jewellery and your makeup in order to create a remembered appearance for you. Just make sure that you do not hurry.