Process of removing tattoos you no longer want

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Get a tattoo and you can illustrate your passion for a loved one, hobby or idea. People pay to have thought provoking quotes and images tattooed on their arms, backs and legs. After former heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson, had a tattoo etched on his face, a few other people followed suit. At first glance, getting a tattoo is a wonderful expression of love and individuality.


But, there are times when people regret getting a tattoo. As reported at Medicine Net, 14% of people who responded to a survey stated that they regretted getting a tattoo. For example, a woman living in New York City might regret getting a tattoo of her boyfriend etched on her forearm after she and her boyfriend break up. Years ago, the woman would have been stuck with the tattoo. Fortunately, those times have changed, seeing more tattoo removal in NYC services and other areas springing up.


With tattoo removal in NYC services lasers are used to lift the tattoo from the skin. There are salons that use Astanza Trinity laser technology. This technology is effective at quickly removing an unwanted tattoo that’s made in any color except white. Furthermore, this advanced technology may be needed to remove an unwanted tattoo because many tattoo inks go beyond the surface of the skin, moving down to the dermis layer.


The process can be laborious. As reported in Medicine Net, “Safe tattoo removal requires laser surgery performed by a dermatologist who specializes in tattoo removal.” Lasers are effective at performing tattoo removal in NYC services and abroad because lasers release concentrated light energy. This light energy penetrates the pigment or colors in a tattoo breaking the pigment apart, thereby removing the coloring.


In addition to being able to remove tattoos, lasers are also used by some licensed dermatologists to remove benign lesions. If someone has a tattoo that’s developed with lots of dark colors or pigment, several tattoo removal in NYC treatments may be needed to completely remove the tattoo. However, after receiving treatments at salons likeSensitive Touch ( clients should notice results from the treatments immediately.


Because tattoo removal in NYC services can be costly, consider working with licensed dermatologists who offer loyalty and payment plans. Also, look for licensed dermatologists who offer free consultations. In fact, many of the best licensed dermatologists do offer free consultations for their potential clients. By writing down questions they want to ask the dermatologists during the consultation, clients can make better use of the time.


Talk about how many sessions that will be needed to completely remove the tattoo as the numbers of sessions needed will likely impact the total costs of the service. As a tip, if clients go to a salon that uses older lasers, all of the color in an unwanted tattoo might not come off. Therefore, in addition to finding out how many sessions are required, clients should also find out how old the lasers dermatologist use are.