Protecting your Skin against Silver Jewelry Allergies

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Jewelry allergies are not a new issue anymore. In fact, fashionable individuals have been agitated by such concern for years and years already. If you have sensitive skin, this also means you don’t have the freedom to wear just any type of jewelry. You have to be extra meticulous and shop only at branded stores. Allergies can leave your skin itchy and in most cases, rashes, redness, and dry patches will be visible. Sometimes, swelling will also occur. So how can you totally avoid this?

Earrings jewelry nickel allergy 1 Protecting your Skin against Silver Jewelry Allergies

Creams and moisturizers


Applying creams and moisturizers either on your skin or on the side of jewelry in contact with your skin is a wise idea to deal with sliver allergy. There are tons of creams such as hydrocortisone and antihistamines which work perfect in preventing silver allergy. Moisturizers of any kind are also a handy alternative. Keep one of these in your bag so that you can retouch your jewelry in case the first application of the cream has worn off.


Nail polish


It may sound crazy, but applying colorless nail polish on the part of jewelry that comes in contact with your skin is yet another wise tip to prevent any allergic reactions. From nickel to silver allergy, this tip works flawlessly. It’s also a perfect alternative that allows you to keep the accessory away and refrain from shopping for new pieces. Apply two coats of colorless nail polish on your silver accessories and you’re good to do. This application should be repeated at least once every two to three weeks to ensure that you won’t experience allergic reactions on the road.




Today, there are some companies that offer hypo-allergenic jewelries. This was first offered for kids’ accessories alone, but now, it is also available for grown-ups’ jewelries. Such type of accessories causes less to none allergic reactions and manufacturers treat every piece carefully to ensure that it won’t cause adverse problems. This specially treated jewelries range from bronze, silver, to many other materials.




If you just can’t keep the jewelry away, you can bring it back to the jeweler and ask if he can apply good metal on the contact surface of it. Electroplating is more expensive compared to applying moisturizers and creams or perhaps applying nail polish, but its effects are indeed priceless. The additional layer of good metal prevents nickel and other components from leaching out, allowing you to wear the jewelry for long hours. However, it’s still wise to apply moisturizer on your skin, just to be sure.




Apply a skin-tone powder on your skin before wearing the jewelry. The powder will work as another layer of your skin. This will also allow you to wear the jewelry for a few hours. You might need to retouch every three hours or every time you feel your skin is starting to itch.


Fashion is one indispensable component in every person’s life, especially on women. And when talking about fashion, jewelry can never be erased. However, when allergic reactions arise, it may be a significant concern of every stylish individual. Hence, knowing a couple of anti-allergic tips like this is of substantial help.


Suzzane is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who loves to write everything about jewelry and silver jewelry rings.

 Protecting your Skin against Silver Jewelry Allergies

Suzzane Edwards

Fashion and lifestyle blogger