Proven Benefits of Barley Surpass Diet Fads of the Past

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With some much gluten free, carb free diets’ promising to shed pounds – one company argues Barley is secret in health and weight loss aids.

Wight loss aids and fat burning secrets are not ground breaking discoveries. Everywhere you look there are ads and celebrity spokespeople promising to look as beautiful, thin and airbrushed as them by trying out the new fat loss miracle.  Many of today’s weight loss market is filled with gluten free , carb free trends, and diets.  Most of these ads promise dramatic results in record breaking time. The drawback is questionable ingredients, short term weight loss, binge eating, and unrealistic promises.

Powerful Grain

With so many diet fads are anti- bread, it is rare and almost unbelievable when a weight loss product is based solely on grains. Similar brands such as Green Magma, Barley Green, and Barley Grass sell like products. Only Santé Pure Barley is a company which produces organic wellness products based on the properties of the barley grain. This company offers products that do not have synthetic or harmful ingredients. Nutrient-rich young barley grass supplies our body with vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and amino acids for general good health and well-being.

Inflammation Reliever

Barley used to be the most important food crop. In the ancient times, barley was regular staple used in a variety of meals. Barley (Hordeum vulgare) grows in over one hundred countries in the world. It is a grain plant like wheat, cereal, corn and rice. Barley’s high fiber content helps not only promote regular bowel movement but also helps strengthen the immune system by reducing inflammation. It acts as a detoxifier and may help remove toxic heavy metals from the body. The Barley grain contains a mucilaginous substance, which relieves inflammation and soothes throat and stomach distress.

Pure Natural Foods

Santé Pure provides only organic barley from farms certified by New Zealand’s leading organic certification agency named BioGro. BioGro is accredited by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) which represents the best in international organic standards and practices. The BioGro certificate assures consumers that there are no unsafe levels of heavy metal, herbicide, or insecticide residues. Each farm must undergo residue testing as part of its certification, and cannot be “certified organic” if unsafe residues are found. Santé Pure Barley is grown in the Canterbury Plains of New Zealand blessed with fertile soils, clean water irrigation and is one of the world’s least polluted environments.

Super Nutrients

Santé Pure Barley New Zealand is only pure organic young barley grass grown and cultivated in the fertile plains of New Zealand. Barley grass is harvested before the grain develops. The nutritional profile is more like that of a green leafy vegetable than that of a grain. Barley Grass has one of the most balanced nutrients profiles. It is a combination of Micronutrients which includes Vitamins, Amino Acids, Minerals, other Alkaline Minerals, Proteins, Phytochemicals, Phytonutrients, Chlorophyll and Enzymes Barley Grass is naturally alkaline and may help to neutralize excess acidity in the body to maintain a healthy PH balance.

Powerful Enzymes

Barley Grass contains all essential amino acids for proper metabolism. Yet these powerful components also aid in multiple other health benefits. Young barley grass contains a very powerful enzyme called Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). Superoxide Dismutase has anti-aging properties which removes toxic substances from the body’s cells and enhance immune function while also reducing the risk of Cancer and Cataract. Barley grass also contains Chromium which can lower blood sugar and enhances insulin action to leads to better absorption and use of sugar in the body.  Barley grass is very high in folic acids, and 7-O-GIO (Lutonarin) and 7-0-GIV (Saponarin) two very powerful Antioxidants, which acts as detoxifying agent for the Liver and removes Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide in the body

More Health Benefits

Sante Pure Barley is pure organic barley grass powder blended Stevia, one of nature’s most potent sweeteners. Santé PureBarley New Zealand with stevia is a source of powerful antioxidants that help counter the degenerative effects of aging, provide soluble and insoluble fiber for weight management and colon health. It may help lower bad cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. It may help prevent cancer and there have been cases of reversal of tumors through regular use of Santé PureBarley New Zealand.

Barley may have lost its popularity over centuries, but these findings and health studies prove it may be too soon to dismiss this powerful agent. Organic Barley grass is its miracle ingredient for not only weight loss but the promotion of overall health.

Suzanne Boleche is a Health & Beauty expert and is well known in her native Philippines for her generous heart and open spirit.

 Proven Benefits of Barley Surpass Diet Fads of the Past


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 Proven Benefits of Barley Surpass Diet Fads of the Past

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