Show Your True Colour with Fashion Eyeglass Frames

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Eye glass frames can be thin and understated if you don’t want to draw attention to your need for eyewear. However, you can also use frames as a fashion statement and have some fun with them. If you want to make a bold choice, try out a pair of colourful frames that will complement your skin tone and add a bit of flair to your every day look. Here are some tips for how to choose the right pair of coloured eye glass frames using your skin tone, eye colour, and hair as a starting point.

Fashion Eyeglass Frames Show Your True Colour with Fashion Eyeglass FramesSkin

All people have skin that is either considered either cool or warm. Cool skin complexions have a blue or pink undertone, while warm shades have a yellow or peach-coloured tint. By the general rule of thumb, your frames should bring out your natural complexion. For instance, if you have a cool skin tone, a pair of plum, blue, or silver frames will blend nicely with your skin. However, you can also choose to contrast your frames with your complexion to make the glasses stand out. If you want to contrast your frames with your skin, use a coral or peach pair of frames with cool skin. This combination of warm and cool will make the frames really pop.

Eye Colour

The shade of your eyes is another consideration. Blue eyes are best complimented by blue or violet shades, while brown eyes look good with warm colour shades, such as copper, gold, or khaki. You can also contrast the frames or lenses to your eyes – a deep brown pair of eye glass frames can sometimes make a pair of baby blue eyes pop even more than usual. Vendors like are able to offer lenses to match or contrast nearly any eye colour.


Hair is also divided in to warm and cool categories based on colour. In the most general terms, brown and black hair is considered warm, while blond hair is considered cool. More specifically, even some shades of strawberry blond, auburn, and salt-and-pepper are considered cool as well. The warm category extends beyond simply brown to include golden blond, brown-gold, and dirty gray.

Fashion Choices

Instead of matching your frames with your clothes exactly, consider getting a set of frames that will combine nicely with a variety of different clothing colours and styles. You don’t have to get coloured frames that will go with everything, but rather have a daily pair in black or brown frames and then colour frames that you can use when you want to spice up an outfit. Colours like violet or blue will look with navy jackets, a lemon zest top, or a khaki blazer. Warm shades like peach can be coupled with emerald blouses or baby blue tops.

Colour frames are a fun way to jazz up your eye wear; use your glasses to show off your style, instead of trying to make them blend into your face and be ignored. Once you know if you are a cool or warm person based on skin, eyes, and hair, you can begin to narrow down your choices and pick just the right shade.

John Sheppard is a retired makeup technician for a busy movie studio. He likes to share what he has learned by blogging online.

 Show Your True Colour with Fashion Eyeglass Frames


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