The evolution of women’s fashion over the last 20 years

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shutterstock 150x150 The evolution of womens fashion over the last 20 years

It has always amazed me how the fashion world takes a leap of faith on something original, only to come full circle to an older fashion. For instance, 20 years ago everyone was rocking leggings, large jewellery, floppy hats and baggy shirts. If you look in any magazine, you will see all of the most fashionable celebrities scrolling around in just that. This style has taken the world by storm, despite the fact it is not flattering to all bodies. Let’s look at the different categories of fashion: casual, business casual, formal and swimwear, in order to get an accurate picture of women’s clothing from 20 years ago to today.

As I stated earlier, casual clothing hasn’t evolved much. We have managed to travel back into the late 80′s/early 90′s in order to revive cut-off shorts, light washed jeans, off the shoulder shirts and neon colours. The only thing we have not rescued from that time is the mini-skirt. Some may say the same of the overalls, but isn’t the romper the updated version of the overall? The best modern fashion statement that was not around 20 years ago for the woman on the go is the all flattering yoga pant. Women that have never positioned their body in a single yoga pose know they will be comfortable, and attractive while out and about in yoga pants.

Business casual has evolved in all the best ways. Shoulder pads? Who was it that thought football equipment equalled feminine or sexy? Modern women’s fashion has succeeded in making business casual convertible for night wear. Camisoles hiding under blazers, flats stowed away into an over-sized purse and the ever versatile dark washed skinny jean… Need I say more? These simple pieces have become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Don’t misunderstand, women still acquire the essentials of the work place from 20 years ago like heels, but we make them a lot sexier now. The boring pump has been replaced with a variety of glamorous, fun and funky shoes that are deemed acceptable in a business casual world.

Formal wear from 20 years ago and today are similar. The off the shoulder, flower on the shoulder, ruffles, bulk, sequence, shiny material and so on, all have a place in formal events. The plus side is that formal wear is a no holds bar category. At any major red carpet event, you will find a plethora of fashion eras all in the same place. I think that will always be the case. Some women will always want to capture their big moment in something they think of as timeless and classic, while others will want to make a fashion forward statement. I will say, we have found a way to make the side ponytail a lot more elegant than it was 20 years ago.

The biggest surprise of all is the evolution of swimwear in the last 20 years. Who knew that we would become more conservative in that department? Baywatch bathing suits were one piece, but man, they showed a lot. The same was true for the two piece bikinis back then. Now, we seem to flirt with modesty by opting for one pieces with enticing cut outs, or bikinis with boy-cut bottoms. Some celebrities and swimwear companies are leaning toward swimming bottoms that look more reminiscent of granny panties. At any rate, fashion has evolved in some areas, while just returning to old ways in others.

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 The evolution of womens fashion over the last 20 years


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 The evolution of womens fashion over the last 20 years

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