The Man’s Guide To Buying Eyeglasses

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Once you’ve adjusted to the fact that you need eyeglasses to help you see every day, you can take this fact and turn it into an asset if you know what you are looking for.  It’s rarely a good idea to copy an idea for glasses off a friend, or someone famous whose glasses you loved.  There’s a good chance that they have a different face shape and different coloring than you do, and that the glasses that look good on them may make you look ridiculous.  With this guide and the easy access to cheap eyeglasses online, you can mimic the style of someone you think looks great without breaking your bank account.

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Square Shaped Face


People who have a square shaped face typically have a strong jaw line and a more prominent forehead.  With an angular chin, the face is usually the same width as length.  Famous people who have a square shaped face that you may have noticed are Nick Lachey and Mario Lopez.  Those with square face shapes should choose glasses with minimal frames, or something with soft, round lines.  If you are looking for a contrast, choose frames that are oval or circular.  The best way to play up strong features is to wear glasses that are rimless and horizontal.

Round Face

A round face shape is basically just what it sounds like.  Your face has the same length and width, but the angles are much softer than those with a square face.  Your cheeks are more full, and many with a round face also have more delicate features.  People you may have seen with a round face are Jack Black and Kanye West.  Those with round faces should choose frames that are rectangular or angular. Choose glasses with high temples to slim your face down.  Do not wear glasses that have harsh lines, as this will just emphasize the roundness of your face.

Oval Face


The oval face is the most common.  Fortunately for you, it’s also the most versatile when it comes to shopping for eyeglasses.  If you have an oval face, your chin is a little narrower than your forehead, and the proportions of your face are pretty well balanced.  Most men with oval faces also have high cheekbones.  For examples of oval face shapes, look to famous stars like Jude Law and Ryan Gosling.  If you have an oval face, you’ll be glad to hear that you can wear almost any type of frames and still make them look good.  The trick with an oval face is to choose the glasses you feel most comfortable in.  One helpful tip is to pick frames that are wider than the broadest part of the face.  This helps to avoid choosing frames that unbalance the proportions of your face.

Look Great For Less


When you first discover that you need glasses, you may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of purchasing frames and lenses that make you feel good that you can afford.  By using the tips in this guide and taking the time to find the best price for glasses online, you can use your glasses as a serious asset to draw attention to the best parts of your face.


 The Man’s Guide To Buying Eyeglasses

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