The Summer Romance with the ISLA Collection

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All fashion designers agree: fall and winter are the time for severe colours and narrow cuts, and when spring and summer roll around you are set for something a little more fun and frivolous! When you want something light, sweet and fantastic for summer, the notable fashion design company Talulah has really come through with it summer ISLA collection. This collection is meant to recall all of the romance and the flirtatiousness of a summer holiday, and as you start looking to fill out your summer wardrobe, there are some pieces you should definitely keep your eye on.

Summer Romance with the ISLA Collection The Summer Romance with the ISLA Collection

In the first place, Talulah is a collection that is known for its quality. In this case, quality means silk, and if you have never had the fun of wearing a silk dress, now is the time for you to start! Silk dresses are a natural choice for summer. This natural fibre breathes like a dream, and the sheer lightness of it gives you a rather floaty look. Silk has a natural shine that is all its own, and it takes the bright dyes that Talulah has chosen pop nicely. If you have never owned a silk dress before, this is the year for you!

Another reason to keep your eye on this collection is to make sure that you are seeing all of the incredible colours that are available to you. The colours of this collection really make it stand out from the rest, and the combination of silk plus gorgeously saturated shades of blue, green, red, orange, pink and purple all combine to give you a swirling effect as soon as you step out into the breeze. This is a great chance for you to experiment with colours that you might not be familiar with in your wardrobe, and at the end of the day, you will quickly discover how much you like having something like this in your closet.

What are some of the accessories that you can pick up to pair with your print dresses from this collection? In the first place, you can never go wrong with a lovely and feminine pair of strappy sandals. A pair of strappy leather sandals will take you quite far, but if you are looking for a delightfully youthful look, remember that jelly sandals are back in style. This look was once the sole province of young girls, but now women of all ages are finding that jelly sandals with little glitter sparkles are the way to go.

There are so many great options out there for you when you are considering how to wear these lovely dresses, so don’t let the chance pass you by!

About Talulah:

Bright colours, beautiful patterns, and an amazing sense of life and movement are all hallmarks of the Talulah brand. This Australian fashion house has been producing beautiful pieces of wearable clothing since 2005, and now they are getting the global recognition that they have always deserved. Make Talulah fashion a part of your life and your style!

 The Summer Romance with the ISLA Collection


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