Tips to save on Valentine’s Day flowers

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What is the one thing common between Christmas and Valentine’s Day? Well, they both are heavy on wallet. New dresses, expensive gifts, decorations, flowers and parties are enough to break the bank account but they cannot be avoided at the same time. Flowers can be one of the biggest expenses on Valentine’s Day but you can save some money if you spend wisely. Be creative when buying the floral gifts. Here are some generous tips to save some money.

flowers Tips to save on Valentine’s Day flowersFind the best deal on roses
Both local and online florists offer deals on special time of the year. Do some research beforehand so you can easily decide where to buy from? Retailers can offer as much as 50% off on buying flowers for Valentine’s Day; choose the deal that suits you. Many florists compromise the quality of flowers to keep the price low, make sure the flowers you get are fresh and vibrant. You can also get some coupons and vouchers from coupon sites and save a few bucks by ordering flowers a bit earlier.

Check out the leading retailers
When it comes to buying Valentine’s Day flowers, popular retailers should be your first choice. Not only do they provide fresh and good quality flowers, they also have reasonable rates. Why? It is because they buy flowers in bulk at low cost and pass on the savings to the clients.

Buy seasonal flowers
Flowers of the season are usually less expensive than others. Since Valentine’s Day falls in February you can get lilies, Cala Lilies, Delphimums, Gerberas and Hydrangeas at budget-friendly price. If you are in love with roses, then you can opt for other colors rather than red or pink. Red and pink roses are the most costly flowers for V-Day.

Don’t pay for delivery
If you are choosing an online flower shop to send flowers outside, make sure it offers free shipping. Delivery charges will add an extra amount on your budget.

Don’t go to roadside stands
Roadside vendors are usually the most convenient for flower shopping but avoid buying from them. Their bouquets are displayed on stands (in open air) for many hours so they are already damaged and cannot last for many days. Refrigerated flowers are ideal for the day because they are fresh and live longer.

Beware of scammers
Telemarketing scams have become common these days. These scammers put advertisements and pretend to be reliable florists. They book your order on call, forward the request to local florist and generate an enormous bill for you (including their hidden fees). The most annoying this is that, the flowers are not the ones you have ordered, or they never reaches your home. Be very careful when you are ordering online.

Make your own bouquet
There can be no better way to express your love, gratitude and inspiration for your partner then to create a beautiful bouquet yourself. Get some fresh, exotic flowers (of your spouse’s choice) from a local store and assemble it with love in a cute basket. You can save a lot of money this way and present a gift that he/she will cherish forever.

 Tips to save on Valentine’s Day flowers


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