Top 3 tips for a beautiful face

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beautiful Top 3 tips for a beautiful face

Fortunately, women wear makeup regularly as a beauty treatment/enhancement for their face.  Had it been the same for men, they would have a lot of trouble with their beards and moustache getting in the way of putting on makeup.  It is only on rare occasions like appearing in movies and television that men have to put on makeup to achieve clearer skin and enhance their facial features for camera.

It will have to be admitted that many women look prettier and much more beautiful with all the things they put on their face.  Some of them though, put too much of it on so much that they look  totally different with-out makeup.  Women who put on just enough like blush, eyeliner, lipstick and eye shadows are decent enough to make them beautiful.

There are a few tips on how to make women’s face look beautiful without putting on too much of the chemicals on their facial skin.  Here are three tips on what makeup to put on to make really look and almost close to natural beauty.

1.  Lipstick

Lipstick is one thing women do not miss out when putting on makeup.  It is never complete without the lips having color or gloss.  Yes, that’s right; lip gloss does a lot to make the lips look good.  For those who have good natural color of lips can just settle with lip gloss.

When talking about lipstick, what automatically comes to mind is the color red.  It is a highly attractive color for the lips.  The color red is often used when depicting a kiss or lipstick mark.  Lighter shades of it have been widely used for lipstick because they look a lot better in combination with blush.

Other colors of lipstick are used by younger women just to make them different from regular women who wear makeup.  They look beautiful only to those who are in their age group.

2.  Blush on

The blush on is one makeup that really enhances the looks on a woman’s face.  When applied appropriately on any skin complexion it really looks like a natural blush.  It is so appealing that even toy dolls have them on.  It is normally used as is without any other makeup on a woman’s face.

Women who use foundation for makeup put blush on last so it can be easily spread thinly going towards vanishing at the edges.  It starts better from the cheekbone where the darker shade is imminent.  Some women though prefer putting them on the cheeks especially if the shape of their face is ovate.

3.  Eyeliner, eyelash and eye shadow

The eyes of a woman will have most of the makeup compared to any part of the face.  The eyeliner does wonders on how the eyes of a woman will look.  It makes them very feminine with them.  It can be put on the upper and lower eye lines depending on how a woman would want her eyes to look.  With that the eyelashes can also be enhanced either by making it look thicker or putting on false eyelashes.

The upper and lower eyelids are treated with eye shadow.  There are different colors but often the most seen used by women is the shade of blue.  It is applied with the darkest shade farthest from the eye and gradually vanishes towards the eye.  Women in India are fond of using eye shadows that it almost looks natural on them.

Desiree is the author of this who has written several articles about proper wear of makeup to make women look beautiful.  Some manufacturers of makeup have consulted with her regarding colors or shades of their products that will make them sell better. Visit her blog to read her articles.