Turkey Neck: How Do You Get Rid of It?

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turkey neck skin tightening Turkey Neck: How Do You Get Rid of It?We often see “turkey neck” on people who either gain weight or have already been battling with age, 40’s to 70’s. Turkey neck as it is popularly known is the excess skin and fatty tissues that sags down the skin in your neck. A turkey or saggy neck sometimes lose the form of your jaw line and makes one appear older.

The reasons why this abomination appears right under our face is the time wherein the skin loses elasticity due to so many reasons. A neck is another part of our body, but it plays a bigger role in our appearance. Aside from the face, the neck is the next visible part of our face. Thus, together with the face, it accepts more harsh exposure from so many factors.

The Turkey Neck and Self Esteem

Sagging necks may take a toll in our physical appearance, but what is more daunting is its effects on our self-esteem. Some men and women may take it personally and may try things just to hide the fat under their necks. Sometimes, in worst cases, this may lead to some anti-social occurrences in once life. And that alone, aside from the turkey neck itself is disastrous.

What are the causes of Turkey Necks?

Though this condition can be mainly attributed to aging, certain factors may play a part in acquiring and developing it. Turkey neck as one of the most hated condition may be attributed to the following reasons:

  1. Age
  2. Pull of gravity
  3. Sun exposure
  4. Weight gain
  5. Genes
  6. Bad diet and lack of exercise

These reasons are obvious as daylights but still some may tend to forgo even the avoidable factors such as the sun, the weight and the food. You could have helped yourself if you took some precautionary measures. But then you can only remedy if it’s already there right?

Some of the ways of helping may be the following below.

Ways to Help You Get Rid of Your Saggy Neck

Okay, so here we go. Some of the things I will be mentioning may be done before those sagging skin takes full swing, but some will be for remedial reasons already. So here we go.

  1. Skin creams. Yes there are skin creams to help you. A skin regimen can do the job given that you do them regularly and you do it together with other things such as exercise. Creams can tighten the concerned skin and given a length of time will really reduce the signs of aging in your neck.
  2. Exercise. Facial and whole body exercise can contribute in the overall reduction and treatment of sagging neck. Exercise and an active lifestyle will tighten skin and will help you further avoid in worsening the condition through inactivity.
  3. LED Therapy. Some doctors would recommend a LED treatment for sagging necks that are already advanced in nature. It can be an alternative to an invasive surgery. The treatment aims to stimulate the collagen and elastin production to help in the firming up of the skin. Remember, this treatment should b done by licensed and well trained doctors, no buts.
  4. Neck Lift or Platysmaplasty. This treatment/ procedure is done in conjunction with liposuction at some point, but sometimes a neck lift that is “skin-only” can also be performed. The procedure may last from 1 to 2 hours max. This treatment is better performed in a hospital or clinic under a credited and well trained surgeon. General anesthesia may be used but after it wore off, you certainly can go home after. Usually incisions are made behind the ears wherein the skin is trimmed and redraped.

What to Do When You Decide to Seek Medical Help for Turkey Neck

You can go natural in treating you sagging skin in the neck, but opting for medical procedures can hasten that goal. But it has limitations such as it won’t be forever. You need to do little retouch of the procedure from time to time too.

Your procedure treatment doesn’t end though just as you stepped out of the hospital, you do need to implement certain things such as specific post operative cares. This would include keeping your neck still after the procedure, eating the right kind of food and avoiding strenuous activities.

Once your turkey neck has been remedied, you can now start feeling yourself again and just be as confident of yourself as before. But it would take time to heal emotionally than physically, so be patient. The best key here is to love yourself, be positive and always hope for the best.

So have you had any sagging neck concerns? Did you try some of the things above to remedy it? What are the things you have done to ensure that you have a safe procedure?

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