Types of Nose and Knowing When You Need a Nose Job

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 Types of Nose and Knowing When You Need a Nose Job

In every society, noses can represent who we are. If head can be our crowning glory, noses can be our life’s glory. Aside from its obvious use in breathing, noses can make or break our face. Especially in careers that face value is everything, it can be the harbinger of one’s success or failure.

Now, there are different kinds of noses. Each may be depending on your ancestry, race, ethnicity, environment and even unjust circumstances. For a disclosure though, we can’t cage the perfect beauty, for beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We can only get the ideals, so here are some of those nose types we knew.

These are some categories, I got some of clearer definitions from Wikipedia but most are my own redefinition from several other research.

  • Turn up nose—its main feature is it runs from the eyes, constantly from the eyes towards the nose tip. Sometimes it is known as the Celestial nose.
  • Roman nose—sometimes this type of nose has been also known as Aquiline nose from its etymology which means eagle like. This type has a convex shape, meaning curved inward. Some people also call it hook nose because it is shaped like the hook for obvious reasons.
  • Hawk Nose—so if Roman nose is convex, it won’t be different with the hawk nose although the latter was very convex. Some even would be very convex and may look like a bow already. But then, the up side to this is there is study that shows people who have this kind of nose to live longer.
  • Snub Nose—this type can be as short as it can be in which it is short in length and is neither hook nor wide.
  • Nubian Nose—for this, nose is described as narrow at the top, thick and broad in the middle and wide in tip. So in case you see someone with a wide nostril, it means they have the Nubian nose. It wouldn’t need a genius to figure it out.
  • Greek Nose—as its name inspired by ancient Greek and ancient Greek art, this type of nose is perfectly straight with no hooked or curved attributes.

So those were the types of nose, but then how would you know you need a rhinoplasty?

One, if you are unhappy with the way your nose is not complementing your face at the moment, i. e you have a small and delicate face but is gifted with a Nubian nose or if you have a strong face but is blessed with a snub or ultra feminine nose.

Two, if your nose now has something to do with your difficulty in breathing.

Three, if you have a prior rhinoplasty and needs a revision.

Four, if you got no more things to spend your money for. Just kidding.

Types of nose, check, and knowing when you need a rhinoplasty, check. The only thing you need now is an appointment and a check book. Research the best clinic and good luck!

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Appearance is such a huge factor today especially in the entertainment business. Celebrities made facial plastic surgery very famous since they have to look their best on and off the camera. For her, the health of our body is our obligation and should be taken care always. Beauty and youth can be maintained if you also keep the wellness of our body. According to her, these treatments do not stop the aging process but it will make you look and feel good about yourself, boosting your confidence.

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