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With the way modern life is right now we hardly get any time for ourselves, work is as demanding and hectic as ever, and with having to balance a family along with all our other social commitments it can be really hard to find the time to put our feet up and really unwind. We can always take the odd half an hour out here and there, however we don’t often get the chance to fully unwind for an entire day without the stresses of life catching up with us.

If you are lucky enough to get a day off or have some free time on your hands there is no better way to spend it then being pampered  at a spa or beauty clinic. We all need some R and R at times, and spending a day being looked after by beauty professionals is certainly one of the more rewarding ways to spend your time. If you’ve got a spa day booked or you’re thinking about booking one, here are a few beauty treatments we’ve picked out from some of our favourite beauty blogs for you to try on your visit.

Colour Me Mine

The thing with many beauty treatments is on most occasions you’ll leave the spa or treatment room feeling wonderful and refreshed however you have no idea what the beautician has done and you have no idea how to maintain the treatment once you’ve left the comfort of the treatment room. If you’re after a genuine treatment consisting of a new hair color and style coupled with a stunning make-up palette visit the Daniel Hersheson treatment table in Harvey Nichols. There in-house makeup artist and chief hairdresser will leave you looking and feeling fabulous and they’ll provide you with step by step guides on how to maintain the look which is always half the battle.

Daylesford Hay 

If you’re looking for a head to toe experience Daylesford Hay based in Gloucestershire is a superb salon with well renowned Indian head massages, aromatherapy body massages and deep foot reflexology techniques and as all their products are natural from the Daylesford area you can be sure you’re enjoying the best of the region. Daylesford Hay it’s definitely a great place to spend the entire day being looked after and it’s one of the West country’s best kept secrets, but rest assured once you visit you’ll be hooked as are the majority of all their clients.Daylesford Hay is highly rated in most of the high end lifestyle blogs and in our opinion it deserves its high rating.

If you are looking for a beauty treatment to enjoy within the next few weeks, hopefully the suggestions above have inspired you and you.


 UK Beauty Treatments


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 UK Beauty Treatments

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