Unique Spa and Makeover Treatments in Thailand

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Each year, Thailand attracts numerous Americans and Europeans looking for top quality yet affordable cosmetic treatments. They have the right reasons for choosing the Land of Smiles because the country has physicians and surgeons certified by both American, Japan and Australian plastic surgery boards and all doctors as well as hospital facilities are licensed by a medical council. These local medical councils adhere to high standards similar to that of its American counterpart.

thai makeover treatment Unique Spa and Makeover Treatments in Thailand

Another major benefit of undergoing these makeover treatments in Thailand is their affordability. Many procedures are half the cost of the treatments offered in the U.S. and European countries.

Hair Restoration Treatment

People frustrated over their thinning hair can seek treatment for this problem in Thailand. The hair plugs surgical treatment is available in many hair clinics in the country.

The hair plug treatment is the oldest and traditional form of addressing hair loss issues. Used in the 1950s for hair transplants, this procedure has been modified to achieve natural hair growth for patients.

Some surgeons specializing in hair transplants also use the laser-assisted hairline design technology. This technique aims to create a natural hairline design for patients and conduct hair transplants through grafting at the same time.

Butt Enhancement

People conscious about their flat buttocks can now turn to cosmetic surgery to enhance the rear part of their body. They can choose between the buttock or butt lift and the butt implant. Both procedures help consumers have a more bulging and better-shaped behind.

Implants are often used for this procedure and are placed below the upper muscles of the buttock. The butt lift, however, involves lifting the buttocks up and removing excess skin.

Fish Pedicure

People in search of a less complicated spa treatment can try the fish pedicure. This kind is becoming popular in the different parts of the world and provides a fun experience.

Normally, the Garra rufa or doctor fish is what’s used in this spa treatment. Clients only need to sit and relax while hundreds of this tiny fish species do their work of cleaning your feet using their mouths. The procedure removes a person’s dead skin as the fish suck the skin.

Another great benefit of this fish pedicure is it also relieves emotional stress at the same time. Clients will experience a tickling sensation as the tiny fish such their feet allowing them to laugh and giggle.

There are many more unique cosmetic procedures available in Thailand. What counts is you do a little research first and choose a clinic facility that has established a good reputation through the years and with certified surgeons.

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 Unique Spa and Makeover Treatments in Thailand


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 Unique Spa and Makeover Treatments in Thailand

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