What’s Your Fragrance Personality?

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Most people have a signature scent, a beautiful aroma which is completely their own – but if you don’t then here’s your step-by-step guide to finding your fragrance personality. The fragrance you choose should be reflective of your personality – whether you want to showcase your strong independence, your femininity or your sexuality, you’ll find something amidst the shelves of your local high street; but first, why not ask yourself the following questions to find out what your fragrance personality is.

What Do You Want Your Perfume to Remind You Of?

Do you love going to the beach? Do you love going on long walks? Do you have a favourite flower? These are the questions you need to ask yourself – because once you choose a scent which you have an emotional connection to, you’ll soon find that you fall in love with it!

If you don’t have a favourite smell, don’t panic as you’ll quickly find a scent you like by testing all the various scents available on the high street.

When Do You Apply Perfume?

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Do you only apply perfume on special occasions? Do you wear it every day? How many times do you apply it a day?

If you wear it every day, you won’t want something too heavy – you’ll want something subtle, light and somewhat airy because you don’t necessarily want to overpower everyone you are working with. If you only wear it on special occasions you can choose a perfume which is a little stronger, because you’ll want to smell lovely throughout the night.

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Do You Have A Sweet Tooth?

If you have a sweet tooth, you love confectionery and all things sugary, chances are you’ll have a sweet nose! Sweet floral notes and zesty undertones are great for those who love the somewhat addictive smell of sweet perfumes. If however you can’t think of anything worse, you’ll probably prefer something a little more sophisticated and serious.

Do You Love Adventure?

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If you love the outdoors, chances are you’ll love the smell of fresh air, freshly cut grass and subtle woody undertones. There are lots of perfumes which incorporate these types of scents, so when you come to choose a smell which defines who you are you ask an assistant or try as many perfumes as you can.

Without even trying you will find that the perfumes you like reflect the type of person you are. The best way to find a perfume which you love, is to test as many as you can. Our top advice would be to hit the shops and try as many scents as you can until you stumble across the perfect scent.


This article was written by Gayle Brown, a professional writer who has wrote this article on behalf of Fragrances Cosmetics Perfumes; an online supplier of cheap perfumes.

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