Your Face Is A Canvas

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It seems that we are always finding ways to express ourselves.  Some people express themselves through their clothing, others through the music they listen to.  Some people do it through art, and yet others do it through poetry.  Have you ever thought that the makeup you wear is yet another way to show the world who you are?  Your face is an empty canvas, and the makeup you put on is a form of art.  Here are few fun ways to show some creativity through makeup on your eyes and lips.


  • Long eyelashes are hugely popular right now.  If you want your eyes to get noticed, splurge for some eyelash extensions.  They will make your eyes stand out, but will not be so dramatic to the point of distraction.
  • Go for some bright eyeliner.  Blue and green seem to be popular right now.  The 80s are back in full force, and this bright liner will get you on the edge without having to jump in head first.  This is not the kind of eyeliner that is meant to blend in and look natural.  It is meant to pop out.
  • Bold eyebrows.  Gone are the days that you waxed practically your entire eyebrow off, leaving a faint line of hair.  Thick, strong eyebrows are in fashion right now.  Before doing this, you must know that it is not an excuse to not trim your let your brows go to the point of caterpillar status.  You will still trim and tidy them up, you just will leave a thicker line.


  • Bold red lips.  If you are trying to make a statement, a bright red lip will do the trick.  Make sure to find a slight orange hue may work best.  Also, if you are going to do a bright red lip, tone down the rest of your makeup.  You don’t want to look like a clown.
  • You’ve heard of Ombre hair, right?  Well what about Ombre lips?  This is a very artistic look that takes a bit of time to accomplish.  You will need several shades of the same color, along with a lipstick brush.  Make sure your lips are exfoliated and smooth.  Also, make sure that your product is creamy and spreadable.  Start at the top of your lips with the darkest color and go lighter as you go down.  Be sure to blend as you go.
  • On the opposite spectrum of the bold lips, you might also choose to go with a subtle, nude color.  Nude lips are popular because they look natural as well as elegant.  Just as with a bright red color, choose a nude color that compliments your skin tone.  You can choose from the pink, brown or peach color tones.

Your face is the first thing that others see when they talk to you.  You can use makeup to say anything you want about yourself.  Whether you go for subtle and natural or bold and dramatic, let your makeup show others who you are.


By Jamie Bailey

Jamie enjoys writing about topics such as life and style.  She especially enjoys writing about health and beauty.  Most recently, she has had the opportunity to write about fashion content, solutions for hair disasters and makeup trends.  She currently writes for DKC.

 Your Face Is A Canvas


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 Your Face Is A Canvas

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